Rogers will release white iPhone 4 “later this week”


  • ifonefan

    lyke thys ys so kewl, whyte iz so much bettar, wyll it work for wynd?

    • chall2k5

      such a waste of 5 seconds of my time

  • corey herscu

    Yup, I’ll cave.

    • Chris


  • Ryan

    Is our society that materialistic that the people will hand over their money, not for a better phone, but for a phone because it has a new colour (suppose white isn’t really a colour). You need to get a case anyways, so who cares what colour it is?

    Apple’s got the people on strings, change the colour and sell more phones at the end of it’s cycle.

  • slype

    Only 9 months late Apple. Bravo.

    And yet, I can’t critic you because you know this will sell like hotcakes to the masses of i****s who don’t know any better.

    Ryan is right, change the colour and do NOTHING else and you will sell more phones. It’s a telling sign of the level of intelligence in our society.

  • asdgasdg

    ugh i hate when i see all these misinformed brainwashed people using the iphone thinking its the greatest thing in the world. ANDROID IS WHERE ITS AT PEOPLE!

    • Neural

      You know whats quickly becoming worse than Apple fanbois? Android fanbois! It’s as if it’s your personal mission to tell iOS people what they are missing… WHO CARES!? They enjoy their iphones and you enjoy your galaxy s nexus cookie parfait os 2.9121. STFU already

  • Rookie

    OMG , Dream come true..I can sign 10 Yrs contract to get this…..

  • malingerer

    many bell dealers already have these (white iphones) in their stores.. just waiting for the official word so they can start selling them 🙂

    • FadedSpark

      Yep, bell stock arrived today. On sale at best buy FYI if they have them available, we don’t have a DNSB date.

  • applefan


    why would rogers – apple’s first canadian carrier get this phone after bell? ridonkulous.

  • Eric

    a white version of the existing same phone, i hope i pay a premium for this

  • apowerranger

    oh look, the same piece of s**t, but now it’s white

  • James

    After 5 minutes with a nexus s, I worried that I maybe should have gone with an iPhone…10 minutes later I realized that I’ll never go back.

  • lee

    just tell me when i can get this damned white fancy iphone with Rogers — pls