LG Optimus 3D coming soon to Rogers


  • zorxd

    I don’t care about 3D but this is supposed to be a good phone. Better than the 2X.

  • stephan john

    Finally, rogers is getting a high end android phone (excluding the captivate hehe). Hopefully robbers don’t jack the price for the darn thing high, I plan on buying it without their shitty contracts.

  • Canadianman20

    A glasses-less 3D phone would be phone would be cool. That is what will hold 3D back is needing glasses in order to see it. This is a phone I can see being a really hot seller as long as the 3D works and looks good without having to use glasses.

  • Zirian

    Not bad on Rogers end.

  • wtv

    Finally, a dual-core phone at Rogers.

  • Nagamasa

    I can’t trust LG. Not after my LG Arena’s terribleness and poor support.

    • Jack

      Nagamasa, LG never sold the Arena in Canada and second it isn’t a smartphone… not sure how you can “never trust” a company when you bought a grey market phone 😉

  • Harry

    seriously? 3D on a cell phone? specs look good but 3D??? are we that bored with our smartphones that we require this

  • darylscool

    errr. lg? no thanks!

  • Colin

    I wonder if the 3D work in both portrait and landscape, or is it just one way?

  • christianvillani

    this is the most powerful android phone to date !

    First android with DDR2 Ram : D

    Im excited !

  • Bri

    is LG good with updating their devices? compared to Samsung? I’m getting either this or galaxy s2

  • graison

    i’m assuming this is the same as the Thrill 4G?

  • tigressia

    its kinda scary if you are using that for a GPS in the car. Can your eyes focus fast enough to see any hazards on the road? how about the fact where you can get dizzy?

    • Bri

      I don’t think everything is displayed as 3D… it’s mostly the media and gaming.

    • Jack

      Bri is correct. 3D is only used for media. there is no 3D UI, no 3D widgets/overlay that will delay an upgrade. Think of 3D on this phone as a feature not the raison d’etre. This is the best dual core on the block with dual channel memory it will kill the S2!

  • Jay

    “will be released in time for the back-to-school season”

    …Because little Timmy really needs a $500 phone to do “homework” when he goes back to school. LOL

    • Julien CV

      Agreed, but Rogers likes to put a key smartphone during the back to school period as well as regular QMDs.

      And don’t forget, besides little Timmy, 23-year old John going to UofT also has a back to school.

  • sebastien

    the best news ever!!! ive waited YEAAARS for 3d phone!! its finally coming and its on the best network ever!!!

    • LOL WTF

      Bro, your dreaming. WIND Mobile is the best network ever.

  • Deli

    As much as I love competition, Wind is nowhere near the capacity, coverage and signal penetration in MANY buildings as Rogers. Not even close. It is has the best coverage by a mile. Check out the coverage maps on independent sites with cell tower overlay. Rogers is VERY dense in coverage even compared to Bell and Telus. and each tower has 3-4 times more antennaes for Rogers. I currently have lines from Rogers, Bell and Wind. I can tell you without bias that Rogers has the best coverage and has the best retention plans. WInd has superb combo plans but s**t handset selection, what saves them is T-mobile devices.

  • Fobok

    I don’t care at all about the 3D. Cool bonus, but not something I’d buy a phone for. However, that nice dual-core processor and built-in memory, and the screen size, that I’ll pay for. Can’t wait to see this when it comes out.

  • Thai

    I for one DO care for the 3D! When the fawk can we buy it? Jeebus.