Upcoming BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 and Touch 9860 promo videos leak online


  • XER

    Looking good, at least from the pix. Now, when is RIM going to release the full spec?

  • SDS

    When are these going to release…..pssst RIM, for your own credibility, don’t name the 9860 the Storm 3, keep it the Monza……soo much better.

    Just make sure that these launch the same time as the USA and all will be good. I want both of these……

  • Mike

    I’m curious to see more of these phones in action.. but that the heck kind of commercials are these? Show us more of the phones themselves!

  • lou

    nice phone looks beter then iphone

  • Fayez

    Very very excited for the Monza; I was in favor of the Monaco moniker though.
    By that time, the PlayBook will have received many more updates and the ‘Bridged’ experience will be sooooo much better. Before I spend $1200+ on this combo though, I need to make sure that these phone will be upgradable to OS7 (if indeed it’s the QNX platform)… for some reason an OTA update doesn’t seem like it would suffice for such a monumental upgrade.
    Any thoughts about this? Rumor mill tidbits?

  • liz

    Blackberry bold touch 9900 looks amazing can’t wait to buy this product 😀

  • marrrio_

    Using nfc (near field communication) technology to add contacts by bumping phones together!!??? That is SMART! INNOVATIVE!!

  • Karano Matthews

    am a storm fan , waiting on the storm 3 . : )

  • Steven

    Rim took the video down, anyone have another source ?