Rogers launching Xperia Play & arc April 28th


  • Jérémie Pettigrew

    So If I pre order I should get my arc for this date or later ???

  • hhhhh

    F**k the arc when is nexus s coming out with wind I have a cheaper plan with wind all u motherfuckers are paying too much for nothing or I would say peanuts u stupid Canadians don’t know when you get ripped off

  • pasuljko

    $550 for this? Someone needs a reality check. On the other hand, that’s probably intentionally inflated no-contract price to get suckers, oops, valuable customers, to sign 3-year contract.

  • Jérémie Pettigrew

    lol you are soooo stupid… why would you pay the entire phone when you can deal something with these compagnies… I currently save 35 $ per months… 35 * 12 = 420 $ per years more in my pocket then you… and how could you judge on a phone that you never holds your hands….

  • Billy

    You people are i****s who think signing a 3-year contract is stupid. If you have to have a cell phone anyway, and you know you’re going to stick with Rogers because they have the best service everywhere, and you know you want a data plan because you actually live in the 21st century and not in the prairies, then why not save hundreds of dollars by signing the 3-year and getting the phone for cheaper?

    • James

      You could have the option of paying up front have having the freedom to leave (which you probably never will because Rogers gives excellent retentions deals), OR you could save some cash and sign a 3 year and stay with Rogers (for the same reason as previously stated). Worst case Ontario, you break your contract and pay the balance on your phone. Either way, if you choose to switch carriers, you pay for your phone. Contract? Yes please.

  • Mark

    Well. Judging that I can get the atrix for that much…..

    Yeah I think I’ll trade my iPhone 4 for atrix until s2 arrives.

    • James

      Test out that Atrix before you buy it…I was very disappointed.

  • Ryko

    Who needs a data plan? If you need it for work, it’s most likely on a phone that’s paid for by work.

    If you need to check facebook when you’re on the john at your local gas station…rethink your priorities…

    • James

      Maps/GPS? Yellow pages? E-mail?

      My once broke down while I was in the middle of nowhere and I used my phone to look up the necessary diagrams to fix it. I saved 80 dollars (minimum) on a tow, and about 2-300 in repairs.

      You may argue that e-mail isn’t important, but for me it is. I have a work address, a school address, and 2 personal addresses and I like having the ability to send/receive information when and where I want to.

  • hhh

    Go to wind and pay $40 pp for unlimited you signing a contract is like you wanna kill yourself to end your contract

    • James

      Wind is for people who don’t leave town, or live in Quebec.

      Contracts are nothing to worry about.

  • Ry

    anyone been called about the pre-order yet? The promo said they’d start calling the week of the 15th, so i’m assuming its this week?

    • Tim

      I doubt it wont be until after tomorrow when they have their “launch” party…

  • sookster54

    The specs for this device is disgusting.

  • Nankov

    I thought you the snapshot you posted earlier this month showed that it was getting to the warehouse between 19th and 20th and the device will hit the stores on the 21st….hope your wrong that it will launch on the 28th and it will actually launch the 21st…ive been waiting for sooooooo long 🙁 damnnn rogers your slowwww.

    • Mr. Reliable

      Sorry, I have it on good authority that it’ll be launching on the 28th, which means stores can start ordering it on that day, they will obviously be on allocation, and then a few days after that they’ll start arriving in store.

  • Billy

    If I preorder this device does this mean they mail it to me?
    Or that I will have one at the store waiting for me?

  • Graison Swaan

    the arc is already outdated