Fido to release the Nokia C6 at $275


  • TomatoGuy

    Headline should read: Fido to release year old device with dying Symbian OS.

  • Nick

    The future is here, and it doesn’t run on Symbian. Fido’s really fallen behind since Koodo brought in the Optimus One, BB Curve 3G and (soon) the Nexus S.

  • Matt

    I’m looking for an UPGRADE on my current nokia e-series. touch screen and clunky os wont do it for me. with nexus s on the horizon, there’s really no part of my wanting this device. Fido customers have been crying out for new hardware, looks like Rogers is still a giant black hole sucking away most of the good stuff..

  • HO

    ..old phone, a year old…..wonder why they don’t release the new N-95…..

  • Nico

    If only Nokia went with Android…


      Or WP7. Anything but Symbian plz!