The Source flyer reveals Bell HTC Incredible S 3-year price will be $99.95


  • Alex

    Im sure The Source will have a $100 in store credit on it in a weeks time just like the Atrix!

  • Bill

    Rogers, Bell and Telus are 99% of the time always priced more than retail stores. As a rule of thumb, always check retail outlets first. You also quite often get other incentives such as in-store gift cards.

  • D

    If you’re willing to go with Bell (big “if” for some), why would anyone go for the Incredible S over the Atrix? Atrix appears to be superior hardware at a lower price.

    Is it simply due to HTC Sense vs MotoBlur?

    (Serious question – not attempting to troll)

    • zorxd

      I too don’t see the point of the Incredible S. If you want the best hardware, get the Atrix. If you want a pure google experience, go for the Nexus S.
      But more choice is always good. Some people might prefer the look of the Incredible S I guess…

  • Jimmy Jones

    No its more like Motorolas restrictive locked bootloader policy and their failure at getting out updates (new and older phones) and refusing to support older phones. All these = anti consumer! To me they are MotoFAIL!

    • Kuba

      HTC is starting to lock their bootloader also and this is one of the first ones to be locked.

  • Satroyd

    8 MP camera and of coure, Htc Sense 😉

  • Jimmy Jones

    I’ll go HTC or Google Nexus any day over superior hardware, I’ve given up on Motorola just check their facebook page you will see all the issues.

  • Kuba

    No HDMI out is kind of a bummer too.

  • crunch204

    still got dlna and allshare….so anyone with a ps3 it can benefit

    • ps3 user

      does the ps3 allow yuo to use allshare or dlna?