HTC Incredible S pops up in Virgin’s inventory at $499.99


  • crunch204


  • mdazz

    The phone I’ve waiting for is finally here, now I have to choose to take this one or wait for the Galaxy s2.


      @mda galaxy s 2 is good especially with the oled screen but nothing’s like htc build quality

  • Jim

    I’d say that finally the Canadian carriers are getting devices just as fast as other places (namely the US)! Good news.

    • zorxd

      The Incredible S is about a Desire HD, which was released in October.

    • H

      specially Bell

    • Sub-Joker

      @ zorxd, true, but it’s global release is not long ago. if you’re lookin at shared hardware, the the nexus one was released in june. we can really keep on going if you want….

  • michael

    Hope bell sells this unlocked, I want this phone.