Mobilicity releases the “dependable travel companion” Samsung Oyster


  • freebie

    Sorry man, this is not even worth a tweet…or even my time to wright this comment.

    • lol

      Not trying to be a spell checker but it was an eye sore. Maybe you should take more time “wrighting” your comment.

  • andriykoua

    is this phone unlocked?

  • Big 3

    How does this phone compare to their Sony Ericsson’s TM506?

  • cheenachatze

    The Sony is beautifully build with great display, and it’s unlocked! Grab one while they still have them.

  • mdazz

    The Sony, Nokia 5230 and the Snap are all better than this, I won’t even call it a phone.

  • BT

    Seems a bit overpriced for a “basic” model to me. Maybe not compared to competitors, but they aren’t exactly known as paragons of sensible pricing.

  • will-i-am

    you guys need to look at the picture right tm506 is horrable nothing but problems, oster is way better

  • dan-i-am

    you guys are all high!!!
    i could make a better phone then the TM506, SNAP, AND 5230 put together with my anus.
    they are all nothing but problems. horribly made.
    before critisising the phone why dont you go take a look at the phone in person, play with it and see how much better it is for your self.
    instead of making your self look like an i***t when you have no idea what your talking about.
    i bet you’ve never had a phone other than the TM506. that thing is a piece. you should seriously take that thing and thrown in the deepest body of water you can find. its better of there. why do you think mobilicity has stopped selling that thing ( the TM506 as well as the snap)…. cause its garbage. the oyster isnt bad at all.
    but you should all just stop being cheap and spend some real money for a REAL phone that actually gets the job done. like a nexus one.