BlackBerry PlayBook coming to SaskTel


  • LoveMyMobilflip

    That would be a good price.

  • Steve Jobs

    Bravo for being creative with this new UI.

    Unfortunately a 10″ screen would have been much more useful to enjoy it on.

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  • RealDeal

    I still think 7″ is the right size for these tablets. If i need a 10″ screen I will buy a 10″ netbook for half the price of an iPad.

    • Mike

      Its actually tough to compare models that are 7″ vs 10″ as they seem to really be for different types of use. 7″ is much more portable when you see it in person.

      10″ netbook? That’s been the argument for a while. But seems pretty evident that netbooks are not close to being as enjoyable as tablets are.

  • Luqman

    I’ll wait for the 10″ but I have a feeling it’ll take a reaaally long time for RIM to release it. I’m stuck between the two!!

  • TheTigerTek

    I like the 7″ screen… its really portable and it’s actually comfortable to hold on to. Please RIM your a Canadian company don’t pull an Apple by releasing the Playbook two weeks after the US launch.

    • Mike

      Don’t worry. Unlike Apple they announce it one year and then release it the next.

  • mdazz

    Good Price and cheaper than the Moto Xoom!
    But it’s hard to compare due to different OS’s and difference in some of the specs.