TELUS iPhone 3GS 8GB now free on 3-year


  • Alexandre

    3 years…LOL!

  • Greg

    8GB and can’t be expanded. no thanks.

  • TomatoGuy

    Every single phone should be free on 3 year contract right from the beginning. There is probably no single country left where 3 year contracts exist except Canada. When will consumers wake up and stop signing those jail sentences to force carriers to abandon contracts whatsoever?

    • ToniCipriani

      Slash 3 and replace that with 1.5 or 2 and I’ll agree with your first sentence.

      Unless you’re saying phone should be free PLUS I get credits every month off my plan. Then I wouldn’t mind a 3 year too much.

    • Chris

      I don’t think the other carriers do this, so I will say one positive thing about long-term contracts: Telus is the only carrier to set their early cancellation fee directly to the discount off the phone, for all provinces. Other carriers only do this for Quebec, because they passed a bill.

      Example: TomatoGuy saves $200 off a phone by signing 3-years. He decides to cancel with 18 months left.


      With Bell/Rogers: $20 x 18 months = $360 (way more than TomatoGuy saved off the phone)
      With Telus: $200 divided by 36 months = $5.55555 per month… x 18 months left = $99.99
      Plus a $50 “early cancellation fee” for non-Quebec clients.

      Which means $360 to cancel versus $150 to cancel.

      Honestly, with this new policy, I don’t feel “backed up against a wall” signing long-term.

  • Sub-Joker

    then you can move from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 7 after those 3 years are over.

  • Me Ted


  • JSmith

    Lol @ 3 yr term..*whispers* Don’t forget the future is friendly @ Telus…aaaaah smell the BS..someone pass me a shovel.

  • Joseph Niagara

    Got mine last July and love it. Drops calls at times, loses network with new OS 4.3 but its to be expected. Nothing is perfect.

    • Sub-Joker

      “love it. Drops calls at times, loses network with new OS 4.3”. really?? you love that?? wow.

  • iphone

    I rather hang myself than go with telus,Rogers ftw.

    • Colin

      I don’t know about you, but I saw that one episode of Sopranos where the guy hung him self and the camera was there for two minutes. After seeing that, I would do anything BUT hang myself. 😛

  • aka

    Unbelievable, people still think a $550 phone should be $0 with NO contract. Excuse me while I pick myself off the floor laughing!

    Solution is very simple, buy the iPhone full price and pay the same monthly rate as the next guy, except that guy signed a 3-year term still has $550 in pocket. No one is forcing you to sign a contract. At least the option is there for people who can’t afford it.

    I bet the same people who screams to end contract terms are the same people who SIGNED a contract recently because they didn’t want to pay full price for their phones or family’s phone. How hypocritical.

    Examples :
    You got a spouse and 2 teenage kids who all wants new smart phones like you. Simple math says 4 x $500=$2,000+tax on phones. Not likely for the middle class family.

    You own a business with 100 employees, all needs Blackberry Bold’s to stay connected, initial cost 100 x $500 = $50,000+tax!! Highly doubt it. If you don’t have business plans to last 3-years ahead, you’ve got bigger problems.

    You pay the SAME monthly rate or higher compared to the same people who signed a contracts.

  • Nanda

    Except for people who still think they need data every minute of the day…

    Wifi at home and office (and occasional coffee shop) is more than enough to “stay connected” and you aren’t shelling out $25/mo for 500MB of data.

    So no thanks, I’ll keep my non-data plan, buy a Dell Streak for $400, and not be forced to a minimum of $999 (Streak costs 99 on a 3-year at robbers) over 3 years.

    $400 now or $999 over 3-years…