Rogers White BlackBerry Bold 9700 being discontinued June 1st


  • Luqman

    Can’t wait for the Torch 2 😀

    • Mike

      You’re joking right? Torch? *shudder*

    • Luqman

      No why would I be? It will be an awesome phone with great specs or is it cuz it doesn’t have the Apple logo on it?

    • Mike

      Nothing to do with an apple logo, everything to do with RIM’s ancient software and sub-par hardware. iOS/Android/webOS/WP7 > BBOS.

  • Matt

    Does this mean they will be selling them off for a reduced no contract price?

  • Bill

    Look for the smaller carriers/subsidiaries to have upcoming sales on the Bold 9700.

  • abc

    does that means …it is now coming on FIDO ?

  • jose

    they do need good blackbaerry on fido as well….lets hope they give it to fido now..

  • ToniCipriani

    Samsung N86? I thought the N86 was a Nokia?

  • Luqman

    @Mike – OS6 is ancient? The iOS was released with the iPhone 2G in 2007 and Blackberry’s OS6 was released in 2010. I think that speaks for itself. And sub par hardware? Last time I checked a 1.2 GHz processor, 512MB of Ram, 5MP camera aren’t subpar. So your saying that everyother smartphone with those specs are subpar then, including the iPhone 4? Do your research first then judge man.

    • MovieMan

      to date NO blackberry has a 1.2 ghz processor, the torch has a crappy 600mh and thats why its laggy with BBOS6, they really need to step up there game

    • Luqman

      You’re right but I was refering to the upcoming blackberries that will be coming out in Q3 and Q4 not the current lineup.

    • Hadi

      As much as I agree the next gen Blackberries are more up to date and more current gen, the Blackberry OS6 is just an update as well, by your logic Blackberry OS has been in operation since 2006 with the original version of Blackberry OS, sure iOS doesn’t give it new looks with it’s updates, but it does get more features and makes the hardware run faster and more efficiently. Now granted, the best updates I’ve seen are from Android, it gives a bit of a fresher look and runs better, only problem is actually getting the damn updates from manufacturers…

    • Mike

      @Luqman.. you’re comparing BB OS6 to iOS 1.0?

      I’ll simplify it again:
      iOS4.3/Android2.3/WebOS2.1 > BB OS6.

      I really hope RIM can turn it around with QNX and this new hardware.. who knows how long it’ll take them to get to market. Honestly, everyone will be at dual core and advancing hardware & OSes by that point anyway.

  • Mark

    Not manufacturers, mostly carriers. And noting we got the big three, good luck getting them lol.

    Long live Xda.