Video: This is how the Android mascot in Xperia Play ad got its thumbs


  • Sean

    Most disturbing series of commericials!!

  • Colin

    So what are they trying to say? Don’t go to bars in Southeast Asia and take home girls that you find there? 😛

  • JSmith

    I will definately not give a thumbs up or down to this..cuz they will end up on an android..F that, I might need em to hitch a ride or be Fonzy for a day.

  • Big 3

    It’s also what happens to people who use Blackberries known as the “Blackberry Thumb”.

    • L

      and what do you use to type on your phone moron, your index and middle?

  • Maxime

    Hahaha I love it !

  • Stuntman

    What’s with these disturbing Android commercials? First it is the female stalker in the tree and now this.

  • tendenzi

    interestingly enough, he probably won’t need those thumbs for a lot of iPhone games.

    but seriously, really disturbing.