Videotron has added 55,800 new 3G+ customers to-date


  • DJM

    Videotron… pff – plans are too expensive. Wish we had Mobilicity here.

    • zorxd

      More expensive but way more coverage too. So it depends what you need.
      I think the smartphone plans starting at $40/month (instead of $50 with other carriers) are a good thing.

  • Bobby

    If you have other videotron services, the plan prices are great. I have 200mb data +e/wkd starting at 6pm, caller id, voicemail,etc comes to 41$.

    The draw back is simply the network is not fully delevepped. Alot of reception dead spots.

  • Jonesy1966

    Can 36,000 migrations really be counted as new subs?

  • Sub-Joker

    I think only those that go for internet, cable and phone bundle choose videotron. otherwise their plans are terrible.