Image: Here are the prices for the Bell Motorola ATRIX accessories

Bell finally confirmed the Android-powered Motorola Atrix will be available March 17th. They also confirmed the 3-year price will be $169.95 and the no-term is set at $599.95. Missing from the announcement were the accessory prices for the Lapdock and the HD Multimedia Dock. These really help make the Atrix a powerful device.

Thanks to one of our tipsters we have the pricing for you. It’s above and Bell will carry the aforementioned accessories but also a slew of cases. Looks like the Lapdock will go for $499.95, standard Multimedia doc will retail for $49.95 and the “SuperDock” will hit $129.95, Vehicle mount will be available for $59.95 and the Motorola keyboard can be yours for $79.95.

These prices do reflect the grand prize value of $1230 that’s in their contest too. $599.95 + $129.95 + $499.95 = $1229.85.

(Thanks tipster!)