Apple iPad 2 possibly coming in White also


  • Kommander Kornflakes

    its MASSIVE!!!

    • Sub-Joker

      Hmm, it’s like you’re doing it this time on purpose so that I would write “that what she said” again. I usually don’t like to repeat a joke a 100 times. It just ruins the joke.

  • chall2k5

    does it support Flash?

    • Chris Marle

      What do you think?

  • Andre

    The marketing for the white iPad will tie in perfectly with the marketing for the white iPhone 4.

  • KV

    It looks as white as the coat of a shiny beautiful unicorn!!!

  • Er

    yeah yeah great, what about the white iphone 4?

  • Deadchow

    Is white really a big deal for and iPad or iPhone? If it was blue or red I can see a bit of a bigger deal. But seriously black or white, it’s not like either color adds to the power or reliability if the phone.

  • sixteen12

    Steve Jobs has revolutionized tablets again! This time they are white!

  • cubano07x

    Lol…don’t hold your breath for this one everyone. The iphone 5 will be announced soon and there is still (and will never be) a white iphone 4 lol.