Android OS 2.1 upgrade coming soon for the Videotron Garmin A50


  • halo

    i hope wind buys them out in near future.

    • Marc

      Are you joking me. Wind buying out Videotron?! Videotron is a multi-million dollar company owned by Quebecor. Forget being bought out!


    2.1! Lol cant even read flash videos

  • cybik

    What? Vidéotron’s upgrading a device? Oh. My. God.

  • zorxd

    If you are on Videotron you should have bought the Nexus One to begin with. Cheaper and better.

    • Sined

      The Videotron Nexus one is stuck at Android 2.2 though. No word from Videotron about a firmware update to 2.3.

    • zorxd

      Of course. Everybody who thought otherwise forgot that Videotron was still a Canadian carrier.
      Fortunately, isn’t easy to flash a google stock ROM and upgrade to 2.3.

  • user

    Is Videotron Nexus One tampered by the carrier? I thought all Nexus One run stock Google ROM and 2.3.3 OTA for N1 is already available.

    • Sined

      Yes it was tampered with by Videotron. It’s running a custom build of Android 2.2 (not even 2.2.1 that fixes a wifi wake bug)

  • sad man

    i download the version 2.1 eclair on my garmin a50 and then after the phone jammed on the upload page (the first page)
    i try to contact vediotron for the problem they wash there hands and they said it is garmin issu and not for them to deal with i did with garmin and the same awnser just beawear from the bu….cht off the monopol company ….
    i have to pay new phone with contract and my garmin one ….