Images surface of the upcoming BlackBerry Bold Touch


  • romes

    love the new radical design!

    • Sigh

      Yes, although not as quite bold as the iPhone reiterations.

  • TGN

    It’s the same formfactor with a touch screen.
    640×480 is pretty good for a 2.8 inch screen

  • Rich

    Nice, I predict you can re-use this image for the 2012 model, 2013, 2014, 2015, etc.

    • Jake

      I hope so! What a perfect form.
      Just keep updating the internals and this will sell to many happy customers for years and years.

  • Reggie Noble

    WOW!!! What a BOLD and revolutionary new look.

    Signed: The Year 2008.

    • RealDeal

      And the iphone has changed so radically in the last 4 years? “The beezle is square instead of round, amazing”!

  • mike

    It is definitely NOT the same form factor. The Bold has a 2.4 inch screen I believe, so the screen is bigger and also the keyboard is bigger as well to do the slightly wider phone.

    Anyway I don’t like RIM so much but this seems like the ideal blackberry, who knows I might try it out.

    • TGN

      I’m sorry Mike, its 4:1 of comments in favor of THE SAME form factor. Slight or insignificant deviations from the BB 9000 that debuted in 2008 don’t count.

  • Big 3

    Don’t all new blackberries look the same?would b more economical if they just gave everyone an OS upgrade instead. Would be more attractive if they had different body structure.

    • Sammy

      Don’t all iphone look the same until number 4…lets see the icons also looks the for the pass 4 year.
      Talk about needing a change

  • barry

    Yes because all the generic android phones don’t look the same either.

    This bold is the thinnest ever at 10mm, its real machined steel as opposed to the plastic of the first 9000. Not to mention 640*480 on a 2.8 screen is frikkin sharp

  • firefight16

    Thats a game changer wow! 2.8 Bloody thing looks like every other BB. What a joke, probally running a 500mhz cpu!

    • RealDeal

      1.2Ghz actually, making it faster then…just about everything…

  • mcbain

    Blackberries : Boring but reliable devices.

  • Dallas

    looks like a Bold 9000 with a trackpad and touch screen

  • David Dee

    I am definitely one who has great pride in the success of “home grown” RIM. But let’s call this what it is, a new device that is devoid of innovation. Sure it has steel and is thin but looking at it one is unable to differentiate visually from “yesterday’s” device. The world has changed and so have customers’ preferred smartphone form factors. This is an incredibly competitve arena and participants need to “wow” consumers to stay in the game. As companies open their enterprise servers to non-rim devices more is required for rim to maintain market share. Not sure what the comment about “generic Android devices” looking alike mean’t? I certainly don’t observe a much similarity between the motorolla atrix, htc desire hd2, sony playstation phone and samsung galaxy series?

    • lewis

      Come on guys – this is their flagship enterprise device aimed at the business sector. Do you really think they’re going to do a huge change and mess up that equation? And Really why mess with what’s working on that front – ya change the insides and the touch screen is a great add on. Want to make a “change” for all that want it on this board then do it on the Storm. “Changing” the Bold would be just plain stupid – really. Changing for the sake of change……….. not wise

  • TNSF

    This phone will probably sell well in third world countries :rolleyes

  • Ger

    I’m definitely a fan of the illumination around the trackpad! I was surprised that the 9700 didn’t have a lit trackpad when I bought it.

  • koolbreeze

    there’s tons of space at top and bottom i can see where they could’ve used to fit a bigger screen! Why not put a 3.2 inch screen and make it more usable touch screen? tsk tsk!

  • darkside

    OMG!!! They redesigned the blackberry to look like a blackberry! Where did they come up with one? It’s so innovative. I wonder if the designers for rim are the same ones that came up with the emperors new clothes.

  • phuzzykiller

    Holy *BLEEP*! It looks… JUST LIKE A BLACKBERRY…..
    Better luck next time on the redesign RIM… (seriously…. I’m tempted to drive down the street to their offices to ask when the hell they’re going to come out with something NEW)

  • Thed

    Didn’t this phone come out a couple of years ago?

  • simon

    This will sell like crazy. The Bold form and size is hugely missed. Lots of men prefer a properly sized keypad and the 9000 was that. Blackberry is catering to a market of Executives that use it for a large amount of emails. Also, this phone adds today spec’s. How many phones actually have a keypad and touch screen without being an annoying slider.

    I think RIM is listening to its customer and not the kids in the school yard.

    • Sub-Joker

      you mean listening to their remaining customers, not those who switched to WP7, Android, or iphone.

    • SDS

      I for one am all for this. I went away from blackberry due to the speed of the browser and the size of the keyboard. If they can get this phone out to us, i may consider making the switch back to blackberry.

  • Treatz

    are you guys cracked
    is the new bold not supposed to look like a blackberry?

    does every new device have to shun it’s roots and redesign everything everytime?

    you guys are all nuts
    you’ll all buy one anyway

    • Sub-Joker

      no, but a guy who knows nothing about gadgets will not see a difference between a blackberry and the other. but will see a difference between iphone 3GS and 4 for example. or the Nexus one vs. Nexus S ….. and so on.

    • jellmoo

      This is the touch device that I think they should have gone with right from the get go (skipping out on the Storm series). Best in class keyboard on a familiar device with much improved specs.

      Not everything is about a brand new design. For something new and interesting, the Torch series will give you that. But for a group of people not interested in productivity and communication, this is a best in class device.

    • Treatz

      i should hope so,
      considering the Nexus 1 and Nexus 2 are made by DIFFERENT manufacturers.

      HTC and Samsung

      now tell me, the nexus 1 looks like every aluminum gray handset HTC has made the the Nexus 2 looks like all the shiny glossy plasticy black phones Samsung has produced

      or do they get a pass and you only rag on RIM?

  • Kdawg

    I went through 3 9780’s in a week. All defective due to quality issues. Keys didnt work, trackpads slanted. Double typing software/hardware issues. Blackberry has a long long way to come back before I drop money on one again. I love blackberrys. Hopefully they start producing quality again like my 8900

    • Jake

      Still using my first one.
      Perfect quality!

  • Highdefiniasian

    I also prefer the 9700 to the 9000 style but this will probably sell well. There are a lot of people who loved the 9000 look and style and many of blackberry’s core customer base asked for a bigger keyboard and more of a 9000 esque style. It will sell. Maybe not in droves and to the masses but it will sell.

    Agreed with the poster who mentioned the iphones revolutionary styling. Credit where credit is due, android phones all are styled slightly differently. The iphone… yah. Same design, different marketing. Why do people bother defending iphone anyways. If apple put their logo on a rock and charged $800 for it, people would buy it.

  • Wooot

    Bold meets obesity.


  • jonesy1966

    Function over form, what’s wrong with that? Some people will whine about anything.

  • lou

    looks the same to me

  • cchew

    That’s cute RIM

  • Nick

    I like it.

    There are a finite number of form factors in the universe. Criticizing RIM for keeping their much-loved one is like criticizing Android for all having Home/Menu/Search/Back capacitive buttons.

  • Ida

    I’d love to get a Blackberry

    because RIM is going down soon

  • teee

    The 9700 looks wayyyy better to me…

  • sixteen12

    Hmm, the biggest issue I had with the torch was the constant lagging. I may give this bad boy a try and see if BB can get me back from Android.

  • lewis

    “you mean listening to their remaining customers, not those who switched to WP7, Android, or iphone.”

    How many switch and stay switched is the question. In our Enterprise people keep coming back to the Blackberry because it simply EXCELLS at calendar, messaging, email, Enterprise contacts. Sorry, but after using all the devices, in this space none of theme can compete with RIM.

    • Sub-Joker

      hmmm, that explain a lot. it’s like me when i get bored of my girlfriend, i go to Amsterdam to have some random sex with those legal prostitutes then come back to her. I see….


    This looks very sharp!
    Would be nice to have the full keyboard and touch screen with out going to the Torch or some side slide design like the Desire Z

  • sookster54

    That looks about the same size of the Bold 9000, some people are going to be happy. I might just hold off until this comes out, I was close to getting a 9780.

  • Richard

    Don’t want a full size touch screen phone. Never will… that’s what a playbook is for. As soon it’s on the AWS spec, will be picking it up.