Fido unleashes $35 Unlimited plan (No Data)


  • XER

    What takes these folks so long?

    • Luke

      why don’t interested fido customers EMAIL fido and ask for what you want….included voicemail and caller id and mention competition.

      Feedback does make a difference and Fido seems to listen (marginally)

      as much as this plan needs help, I don’t see unlimited talk and text from virgin,solo or Koodo, do you?!?!?!?! 😉

    • Luke

      to get the ball rolling here are some ideas of what to TELL FIDO WHAT YOU WANT, that I just sent.


      Can you please forward this feedback to the back office/appropriate department.

      I learned today that you have a new $35 unlimited local talk and text plan, which is a step in right direction, but does not interest me + many others ( saying how it does NOT INCLUDE CALLER ID OR VOICEMAIL! If Fido wants to stay competitive (keep customers form going to mobilicity and wind), they should at the very least include this, otherwise this plan is actually $45.

      It would also be great if prepaid customers (like myself) would have some new plan options , instead of just removing plans (I’m not interested in new $10 plan where I am paying for mins I don’t actually get) .At this time I am not interested in monthly plan at this cost and prefer ease of buying top-up voucher at store,no billing errors.

      anyway I know it isn’t you whomever is answering this email who makes the plans, I felt you may wish to know what others are saying, this isn’t just me.

      Thanks for your patience and I hope this creates real change.

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Voicemail? Caller ID? Seriously…

  • Terry

    I wonder how long Rogers, Bell and Telus will stick to their overpriced plans with their main brands instead of these pathetic attempts as trying to be competitive with their crab sub-brands.

    • XER

      The more serious question is how long will the big three bend over on their expensive data plan. Voice won’t serve the juice these days.

  • big 3

    lol…not convincing still…no call id and
    still cant even match the new entrants. not even videotron infinite urban plan

  • Dr J

    Unlimited global texting is about the only thing remotely appealing about this plan.

    It is so 2009.

  • Big3Jokesters

    Let’s see…
    $35 for unlimited LOCAL talk, international text.
    NO long distance
    NO caller ID
    NO voicemail
    NO data

    They’re seriously joking. Where’s Ashton?

    • End

      Lol, haven’t heard “where’s Ashton” in a while!

      on topic. Caller ID and Voicemail goodamnit!

  • Rocaix

    Better than what they had before, but still not that great.

  • gsm

    Fido should give one very good reason to switch to this plan?
    How is it better than Mobilicity or Wind?
    its not even close to what the newcomers are offering…
    add caller id and voicemail to this plan and it shoots up to $50 bucks….

    • wrapround

      aaaahhh, no….it goes up to $45. and i’ve heard that if you go for a 3 year commitment, they give caller ID and VM at no charge.

  • Luqman

    All they’ve added is unlimited local calling? I don’t call very much but I do A LOT of data so this plan is pretty much useless to data customers and customer who don’t call alot…Still on the Wind bandwagon unless Rogers convinces me as to why I should continue giving my hard earned money and offers me a comptetive plan similar to Wind’s in retensions.

  • Jim R

    No CID = fail

  • William

    Rogers = fail

  • rudiox

    I would take this $35 plan with a data add-on of $5 IF POSSIBLE. BUT NO they will charge me $25, $60/month with caller ID…RIP OFF company!

  • howi

    It looks like the UPCOMING (March 6th, 2011) new pricing of $39.75/month for City Fido Prepaid would make more sense for low-usage customers, which includes the more practical Caller ID, Call Waiting and Voice mail than the unlimited international text.

  • Nagamasa

    What happened to the 200 (or was it 150?) weekday + Caller ID + unlimited international text + unlimited incoming/weeknights/weekends one?

    Isnt that better ._.

    • Jim R

      Apparently that was a promo – it’s expired now. If you’re bringing your own phone, go to Koodo – they have almost the same plan (it’s in fact better – 5pm evenings).

  • Reggie Noble

    85% of City Fido Subscribers never go over 2000 minutes a month anyways, so this new plan doesn’t really mean much.

    • teee

      they are being deceitful…they want you to feel like it’s some big offer when it really isn’t. this is almost the same thing with their 350 mins for $35 plan which gives you unlimited evenings and weekends. most people will not use up to 350 day time mins so it’s basically the same thing. adding caller id would have made some sense.

    • Jim R

      At the risk of reiterating what was just said (and should be obvious): adding CID would have made sense.

      CID costs nothing to provide, but is used as a cash cow by the Big 3. Bad, Fido, bad.

    • howi

      CityFido claims…

      Not sure 2,000 minutes is enough? Don’t worry! 96% of our thousands of customers on this CityFido plan use less than 2,000 minutes per month. So stop wasting your money on a home phone.

  • Gideon

    This isn’t new. I had the city fido unlimited in Montreal about 7 years ago and it was $35 then with a larger city zone…

  • Radar

    This seems Fido is fighting with Chatr, as they can not beat Wind with this offer 🙂

  • Don

    No call display, no voicemail, no data… it’s official, Rogers doesn’t have a clue how to compete.

  • rvictorg

    Umm adding caller ID wouldn’t make this sh*tty a$$ plan any better…

    Province-wide calling or something decent for the heavy talkers out there, voicemail and 250 sms, only then MAYBE you’ll have something to offer us Fido/Robbers…ps f**k you Robellus

  • McBain

    Well its a step in the good direction. Good stuff

  • Spiker Rosered

    It’d be nice to see Rogers/Fido be more competitive same with Belus, but i doubt well see them get anymore competitive. However Wind does seem too be a bigger threat now IMO

  • Marky

    That’s the thing, until Wind/Mobi become a HUGE threat, they don’t have to be overly competitive…. The hundred or so voices on here who are constantly posting and complaining about the incumbents “new” plans don’t make up the vast majority of the user base so the usage patterns of those hundred or so would be the anomally for the incumbents….
    Once the new entrants become much bigger of a treat, then you’ll see proper change, but to be honest, that could take a few years… Until then, let the average people keep with their incumbent plans, and the rest use the new entrants for their needs.

  • Max

    Just Voice? Not even with voice mail, call display and blah blah blah…. well…. at least Fido is moving forward… slowly

  • Frank

    Wasn’t this the reason Rogers bought (Microcell)Fido back in 2004. They Killed the orig. City Fido shortly after the takeover stating that it “wasn’t economically sustainable”….and now they bring it back. What a bunch of hypocrites

  • GT

    I just don’t understand, there are sooo many better offers with a better price and not contracts, why would anyone go to Fido anyway?

  • Cheatr_Robellus

    Does this say anywhere “No Contracts, No Credit check….etc.”? Don’t be surprised if they ask you to sign a 2/3 year contract for this plan.

    For new and existing customers, which means those customers who r already bound by a contract can sign up and stay locked to Fido, instead of paying ECF n switching to Wind/Mobilcity, which has been common trend of late.

    For new costomers, those who can do some simple calculations wont sign up for this $35 Un(limited)Fido plan…..good luck Fido

  • gomez889

    the thing is most people want at least caller id, so this plan is really 45 dollars, but they advertise it as 35, this is no different than what chatr offers, and you get long distance in canada with them, plus they had the 2000 minute offer which is the same as this, and like they said most normal people dont go over that not really a great new deal, but just a fancy way to use the word UNLIMITED imop

  • Jon T

    Really people? You expect rogers/Fido/Bell/Telus to lower rates to compete with WIND/MOBI? When the networks are comparable, the prices will be…Mobi/WIND are on 1700 and they’re priced where they are for a reason!

  • Leaving Fido

    This plan show incorrect Zone. If you live in GTA and take the phone to Burlington which it shows is in zone, it will STILL charge you out of area.

    I PAID to switch from my old City Fido $45 to this NEW $35 and got a major bill. Called yelled and got it switched back. Now I pay $45 so that I get free calls in Burlington. What a joke, Fido is suppose to have lots of roaming.

    They are lying on Map. My contract expires in one week, I am going to Wind. AND yes I know their service is okay, my dad already has had it for ONE year.

    $40 for TALK, TEXT and DATA ( ALL unlimited)

    Bye Bye FIDO…….after 8 YEARS

  • Captain, Jack, Sparrow

    Any of you people who are complaining about these fido plans are smoking rock. This plan is the nuts. When I was on rogers contract I was paying 150 + / month and going over time to time. Now I’m with fido with the exact same coverage and I’m paying roughly 1/3 with the additions I need. I love it, but I’m also not a cheapskate. Its all about the coverage kids, peace be to all.