DigiTimes: Apple iPhone 5 may have a 4-inch display


  • Coldbones

    So now Apple is playing catch-up.

    • Dan J

      I think they have been (software wise) for a LONG time. My buddy keeps going on about “OH man, I can tether a laptop to my iphone now” or “So sweet, I got this new browser on my iphone that has tabs, and I can swipe between them…”.

      All I do is let him finish and just smile. He knows exactly what I’m thinking, and that’s because ALL of that stuff has been on Android for a LONG time.

  • Thai

    The Apple fan base will be “blown away” by this new feature. lol.

  • Tom

    That’s a good start.

    I admire Apple for not flooding the market with a mess of different models the way that Nokia has always done (and the Android guys are now) but users need some choice!

    They should make about five models and one of them should definitely have a keyboard.

    • Stuntman

      The lack of a physical keyboard is one reason I did not get an iPhone.

  • Keith

    It is about time.

  • zorxd

    But… but.. what about the PPI! (pixel per inch). I thought having high PPI (so called “retina” display) was the most important thing on earth?

    Just kidding, 4″ would be a big improvement and a way to actually benefit from the high resolution of the iPhone.

    • Stuntman

      That is true. With the increase in screen size, the pixel density is now lower, so they should not be able to call their screen a “retina display.”

      Actually, they should not have been able to call it a “retina display” on the iPhone 4 either. A scientist actually determined that the pixel density of the 3.5″ display on the iPhone 4 was still not high enough to be called a “retina display” by Apple’s definition. They are close. Then Apple decided to redefine what the definition of “retina display” is for the iPhone 4. I’m sure they will again redefine what “retina display” means so that the larger 4″ screen with a lower pixel density qualifies as a “retina display.” We’ll again the reality distortion field again at work. 🙂

  • Geoff

    I’m pretty sure this will be touted as a REVOLUTION in smartphones.

  • TheCyberKnight

    The screen size increase may be indirectly related to the edge-to-edge design rumoured for the iPhone mini. If Apple uses the same design for an iPhone 5, it could create this screen asset increase.
    The resolution is unlikely to change since Apple tries to keep a perfect (integer) multiplier when upgrading displays to avoid adverse effects with older software.

  • Dr J

    It is MAGICAL!

  • 0918

    It would be nice if Apple could get their poop together and have an adequate supply of iPhone 4’s available to the consumer before they go mucking around with iPhone 5’s! It seems that anywhere I go to find an iPhone 4 thye’re on back order!

  • XER

    We need a penta-band iPhone 5 so that the new entrants can thrive… No more big three!

    • zorxd

      It wouldn’t surprise me. Apple had quad-band while most other had tri-band. Now the others (Galaxy S2, Xperia Play, etc.) are getting quad-band and Nokia already have penta-band so I guess Apple could have it in the next iPhone.

  • Me Ted


    Actually quad band smartphones have been around for quite some time now. My Milestone is quad band for example and its been around for about a year now.