Fido to release the BlackBerry Curve 9300 & Sony Ericsson J108 “Cedar”


  • Justin Credible

    Finally, “3G” and “BB” together at Fido. And it is 2011. Amazing for the carrier that went all out promoting its “3G high-speed experience” on every bus and billboard in town a few years ago…lol.

  • The Magic Rat

    Really Fido Err Rogers of all the choices from RIM you choose the 9300? You couldnt throw people the 9780 or 9800 even your old stock of 9700’s all are better choices then that dressed up 8520.

  • Zeake

    Too little too late.

  • Sub-Joker

    I agree, when virgin is offering devices such as the torch 9800, the least fido could do is release something close to it (like the 9870).

    what a fail. the 9300 is just an 8520 with 3.2 camera and 3G capability.

  • XER

    Fido is offering stone age toys again!

  • Luke

    I have heard fido cedar is pretty good! I may get one myself as a backup phone.

  • Luke

    p.s. only if cheap enough but I prefer sony ericson elm, I love Nokia best but Nokia bar phones lately have not been great :*(

  • Luke

    looked up reviews of cedar and while not too bad elm has much better signal reception & sound quality as per phone arena extensive review.

    Nokia C1 something to consider since cheap at $50 but have to look at reviews. at least fido has better phones than irgin ever did in my opinion, virgin has never had a sony ericson phone ever (p.s, I prefer and usually buy unlocked phones).


    About time. But If you plan to buy this you should wait since Curve 4th gen will be released soon.

    • Justin Credible

      Problem is you wont see that new Curve on Fido for a couple years at least. The vast majority of customers buy/subsidize phones from their carrier.

  • Luke

    does not a want curve or any pda for that matter.

  • FidoUser_3million_and_something

    Its good news that fido is “FINALLY” getting some good phones… however, from past experiances, fido will offer a riddiculously stupid and expensive plan for the new BB.
    Why are service providers so expensive these days.. sheesh!

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  • p.s.

    C est la dernière x que j achete un bb.
    Je vais me rendre en boutique pour avoir des explications en franc,ais.
    En espérant que vous répondiez a mes attente.