More info on the TELUS device unlock policy

TELUS announced earlier today that they will start to unlock handsets on February 15th for $50. Thanks to one of our tipsters we have a bit more info for you and the list of devices are unable to be unlocked. Straight from the internal doc it states that:

“Device unlocking applies to TELUS postpaid SIM -based devices that operate on our IDEN and HSPA+ postpaid networks and meet the following conditions:

– The device must be active on the network for a minimum 90 days.
– The device must be in post-paid status for a minimum of 90 days.
– The last three (3) consecutive bills must have been paid in full.
– The account cannot be delinquent.
– The account must in an active status.
– Agree to $50 unlock fee applied and billed to clients account.

Due to technical limitations, the following devices are unable to be unlocked at this time and are considered non eligible:

– Samsung Advance A855
– Samsung Elevate
– TELUS Smart Hub
– Apple iPhones
– Mike Handsets launched prior to 2007

(Thanks tipster!)