Windows Phone 7 “Great Canadian Apportunity” competition now on!

Microsoft has created the “Windows Phone 7 Great Canadian Apportunity competition” and up for grabs is a slew of prizes that include a grand prize of $10,000 in cash, WP7 Phones, Xbox Kinect consoles, a Dell Alienware laptop and tickets to the upcoming Mesh Conference.

The competition goes until April 30th, 2011 and if you’re a developer you can create and submit your app to the Marketplace for certification and become eligible to score some prizes. Your app will go through the first round of judging (based on the most votes in 3 areas: Best Design, Best Use of API and Best in Show). If selected you’ll eventually move forward and be included into final round of judging in May.

It’s a good way to get your app noticed… especially if you end up winning some of those prizes!

Source: WP7 Great Canadian Apportunity
Via: Twitter