Microsoft sheds light on upcoming Windows Phone 7 updates


  • JAWG

    I’m seriously considering purchasing a WP7. Having the copy & paste functionality is important, so hopefully this will be made available soon.

    • TheCyberKnight

      The update will likely be relased close to the MWC (in few days).

  • Jmmm

    While win7phones engineer are thinking how to implement copy paste

    Android and IOS are working over improving performance and user interface !!!

    • Keith

      They had better because WP7 and its MetroUI is making them both look a bit out of date in comparison.

    • mob

      FYI iOS is 4 years old, and Android is 3 years old, and they both show it! they look old, tired and boring! First versions of iOS were extremely buggy, and as for Android well they were slow and unusable.

      WP7 is a modern, elegant and super fast mobile OS, and it’s only 4 months old. It can only get better from here!

      I’m using an LG Optimus 7, couldn’t be happier.. that thing is built like a rock!

  • KM

    This is actually nothing new. The page was posted to the Microsoft site the day after Ballmer’s keynote at CES almost a month ago. Originally, the page was named january-update.aspx but was soon changed to update-info.aspx when people started speculating that it was arriving in January.

  • zorxd

    2011 : WP7 gets copy and paste
    2012 : WP7 gets multitasking
    2013 : WP7 gets tethering
    2014 : WP7 gets wifi tethering
    2015 : WP7 gets a twice faster web browser, which is still twice slower than the competition (just look at the benchmarks on anandtech)
    2016 : WP7 is close to be on par with android 2.2
    2017 : WP7 gets a new phone based on the next generation 45nm snapdragon
    2018 : WP7 is improving very fast, according to reports

    • jellmoo

      The point is a good one, WP7 is missing some key features. Then again…

      2010 – That Android phone you just bought can’t be upgraded.
      2011 – That Android phone you just bought can’t be upgraded.
      2012 – That Android phone you just bought can’t be upgraded.
      2013 – That Android phone you just bought can’t be upgraded.
      2014 – That Android phone you just bought can’t be upgraded.

      Each OS has their issues. Remember how crappy Android was around the 1.5 era? It took two solid years of development to get it to this point. Remember what the original iPhone was like? Gah!

      WP7 is still in its infancy. It will take some time for it to mature. Give it the same chance Android and iOS had before condemning it outright.

    • zorxd

      Why would I give it a chance? It will buy it when it will be the best OS and will have the best phones. I don’t have to support an inferior product. MS is not a charity.
      Also even without updates, android is ahead so why would I choose WP7? Because it 3 years it might be better? Sorry, I won’t take that risk.

    • jellmoo

      I’m not saying “buy it”. I’m saying “don’t condemn it”. Give it the same chance Android had, if that’s your OS of choice. Time to develop and mature. Android was in a worse state when it came out than WP7 is at this point. Far, far worse. Look at the progress it has made in such a short time. Why not give WP7 the same opportunity to prove itself before you dismiss it outright?

      If WP7 doesn’t do what you want it to, then by all means pick an Android phone. Or an iPhone. Or whatever pleases you. But why bash WP7 when it hasn’t been given the same chance that the others have had?

  • thunder

    If they can’t come up with some information other than the updates are supposed to be here in the next coming months, the phones are useless paperweights. I was told back in December that they were supposed to be updating them in January, how the mighty have fallen Microsoft.

    Do you hear that????? it’s the ball that you dropped!!!!

  • Dan

    If these phones had multi tasking and tethering I would buy one in a heart beat.

    • WP7

      WP7 does have multi-tasking, but only for the native WP7 apps. It’s the 3rd party apps that don’t have multi-tasking at the moment.

      Tethering is also there (kind of ) but it needs a hack to access it. So MS have already implemented the functionality, but for reasons that nobody understands, the feature is not accessible via the normal UI.

  • victorl

    Get rid of Zune, allow USB mass storage and I’m buying one tomorrow.

  • Jean-Michel

    Android was always ahead of WP7 even from the start. WP7 doesn’t even support adding a custom Wi-Fi or basic Tethering, comon!


  • Jean-Michel

    Oh and it won’t even sync with outlook except if you have an Exchange email which you have to install a plugin to use with Hotmail (to push your data to it). MEDIOCRE work from microsoft.

  • thunder

    There isn’t any way to customize the ringtones, different colour tiles( if your a female, they all work. for guys, you’re limited to a few colours)., and why do the phones stay powered on when you charge them??????

    I just wish the Microsoft reps could give us a straight answer about when these devices are going to be updated.

    These devices are way behind what their competitors are rolling out.

  • nard

    Didn’t Microsoft say this update would be here in January of this year? tsk tsk…