Shaw delays wireless launch until early 2012


  • Cziggy

    So is Shaw launching just wireless data or will this be something that will compete against Rogers for Voice ect?

    • CADDMan

      They’ll be launching full voice/data services like all the other providers.

  • aviking

    I hope this extra year allows them to have good coverage and launch in most major cities when they are finally ready.

    • Hilroy

      It’s not an extra year. It’s only an extra quarter.

  • Hilroy

    Dont forget Shaw only has licenses for Western Canada and they said they will only release key markets in 2012, which means Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton. Smaller locations will follow later on. They’re planning a full wireless product, similar to Rogers as you said. They have the same frequencies as Wind (AWS).

  • DBlooms

    It’ll be good to inject some competition. The market has become too stagnant and comfortable for the big three and customers are getting the short end of the stick because of it.

  • TNSF

    haha launch fail

  • JAWG

    This is all Wind’s fault.

    • B

      They rushed it, to be the first in the market and have put a bad taste in the market place for new entrants. Just because they had some major issues at their launch, most people think all new carriers have these problems.

  • George

    Shaw taking longer to launch, just means their building a quality network. Unlike Swiss cheese wind/mobilicity.

  • mdonalds72

    I’d rather Shaw take the extra time to launch properly than to rush it through and experience major problems. I’m an existing Shaw customer and have always had excellent customer service from them. I expect the same once they launch Wireless.

  • davidA

    I am hoping that Shaw (when they introduce) ‘unlike the other new players’ are able to build a proper wireless network, that is not strictly limited to the major cities. Although the non urban areas of BC are sparsly populated (by comparison) Telus/Rogers customers have (since the very beginning) put up with a second rate wireless experience, and are looking for change……

    Major portions of the BC population (who reside north of Vancouver and Victoria) would move immediately, if Shaw could bring themselves to the point, that they would be willing to build a half decent wireless network infrastructure….