CES 2011: Live from the LG Press Conference

LG is now on stage at CES – they are going to introduce a bunch of new Smartphones – nothing yet confirmed for Canada – all directed for various carriers in the States. Lots of Androids. More after the break

Here’s a looks at what LG is going to focus on as a corporation in 2011:
1. Competitiveness
2. Preparedness
3. Quality
4. People

– This year LG will lead with the tag line “Simply Smarter”
– According to JD Power LG was number #1 customer satisfaction

Dr. Skott Ahn is on stage talking about how 2011 will be smart: Smart TVs, Smart phones, and Smart appliances.

Introduction of the Optimus 2X (first dual-core smartphone) & Optimus Black with what they call “Nova display” – 700 nits of brightness.

At the end of the Smartphone presentation Dr. Skott Ahn said that they will be announcing a new tablet tomorrow.