IDC says multitasking, copy-and-paste needed for WP7 success in 2011

Microsoft recently released their new Windows Phone 7 mobile platform and early global sales topped 1.5 million in 6-weeks. Analysts have been weighing in on their success and struggles over the past month and Al Hilwa from Research firm IDC recently stated that be believes the Windows Marketplace will become “the third largest app portfolio in the industry by the middle of next year” (they just crossed the 5,000 app mark).

In a December 29th report to his clients, Hilwa is back with his 2011 Windows Phone 7 mobile predictions. He stated that in order for the WP& platform to be a success they will need “To bring the platform rapidly to a level of parity with other major mobile platforms, Microsoft will need to deliver several key features in the first quarter of 2011”. Some of the features that Hilwa said are the obvious ones that are already publicly known will eventually be released such as “multitasking support, copy-and-paste and increased hardware support for augmented reality applications such as business card scanning”.

As for devices, Microsoft’s Mike O’Sullivan recently said us Canadians will see “…more devices coming. You’re going to see additional form factors. If you’re the type of person that loves a hardware keyboard, you’re going to see more phones like that coming out in the future”.

Source:  WPCentral & eWeek