Text message history sends 3 Waterloo residents to jail for aggravated assault

Waterloo residents Trevor Luchuk and Wesley Parsons wanted revenge from rival drug runner Michael Rogers because he stole $900 in cocaine. They plotted their strategy so eloquently through text messages that that they would barrage him with bullets late at night at his Cambridge apartment. Parsons said to Luchuk “Just make sure u deny and same wit ur boys”…” This b—- gonna feel wat our end of the steel feels like”. Luchuk texted back “Yes dog… No one will say f— all”.

Nobody needed to say anything as the Waterloo Regional Police started their investigation and seized their cellphones. The result is that these two hooligans and another have been sent to the slammer for 5 years for aggravated assault. Even the defence lawyer Brennan Smart who represented the three said they had no hope after the text messages were revealed. Each text is dated and time-stamped Smart said “They were just devastating to the defence. Unlike relying on a witness, the text messages amounted to a play-by-play admission by the participants.”

Michael Rogers survived and was only seriously injured.
Lessons learned. Probably not. In 5 years these guys will probably use Twittter instead of texts.

Source: The Record