Video: Motorola to announce Android tablet at CES 2011… calls the iPad a “giant iPhone”


  • Don

    Wow, I can’t believe how wrong that guy is. The iPad IS NOT a giant iPhone. It’s a giant iPod, get it right.

    • zorxd

      iPod, iPhone, who cares? The main issue with his statement is that a Motorola tablet will be “a giant Droid X” anyways. Is it better?

    • Me Ted


      I highly doubt they’re going to make that mistake. Keep drinking the Apple Kool-Aid lemming.

  • DigitalFreak

    Doesn’t matter if moto’s new tablet will be running honeycomb. Once moto cripples and neuters Android 3 with their motoblur UI their tablet will be just another crippled laggy POS like all their handsets. I wish Google would show some balls and make all carriers install stock Android on their products.

    • Mario

      Actually, if you watched the video of Andy Rubin and knew what you were talking about, you’d know that it will be running stock android 3.0 Honeycomb. Strictly designed for tablets.

    • Sean

      Just so you know the first moto tablet will be stock android. It will be equivalent to the nexus one and S.

  • alpa

    ^^ its a customized android TABLET OS that is made for a TABLET not a phone. i hate it when people make these accusations that it will be bad because of what they assume. ignorant people these days…

  • Jordan

    I want to see HTC release their Sense UI on a tablet. I mean.. a real tablet.

  • EJ

    I’ve got to say this is a very snarky promo and I also OMMGGGG BEES!!!!!!!!!

    • sookster54

      I just puked in an ant hill!

  • GMan

    It started with the Motorola Startek. Good looking exterior, good hardware inside, but horrible user interface.
    Oh Moto, if only you could make your UI good, I’d soooo buy your products.

  • Jean-Michel

    Google Maps updates itself during your sleep without asking you, which is very strange in my opinion….

    • Me Ted

      I’m not really sure what that has to do with any of this but no it doesn’t.

  • H

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab will run OS 3.0 Honeycomb as well.

    • ad

      well…with the tab 2 that is coming i don’t think we are gettin a taste of honeycomb . galaxy s series have hard time to get the update for 2.2 and the tab except if you root it,won’ get 2.3,in my opinion.

  • ghurley

    The Ten Commandments should be in Ancient Hebrew.

  • Zeake

    Very sweet promo! Well Done!

  • Nasir

    I thought it was a very good promo, cant wait to see what this device has to offer.

  • Josh

    Meh. That promo video was kind of lame.

    But still, I’m looking forward to seeing what the device can do.