Mobilicity: We’ve “added over 50,000 new subscribers in just the fourth quarter”

New entrant Mobilicity wants to show their muscles. They are a private company and don’t need to share subscriber numbers, but in a press release they’ve announced that they “already added over 50,000 new subscribers in just the fourth quarter, reinforcing its position as the rising new force in Canada’s competitive wireless market. This milestone comes with the key holiday sales period still ahead and just one month after launching in three new markets.”

Good results considering they were only operating in Toronto for 6 months before launching Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa last month. The only other remaining city is Calgary and this is poised for an early 2011 launch. No word on how many of these “over 50,000 new subscribers” are active subscribers or what there total number of subscribers are. It would also be interesting to see some more data like average rate per user and which devices are the most popular choices.

Mobilicity also made a few inroads last month with distribution partners 7Eleven, HMV and Zellers and now have over 700 places where people can pick up a device and plan (this includes corporate locations and franchises). Speaking of plans, Mobilicity also restructured their Unlimited rate plans over the past couple months from 6 to 3 and now have a all-in $40 talk, text and data Holiday promo… WIND Mobile followed suit shortly after and Public Mobile recently discounted their rate plans. Seems like the competition between the carriers is heating up, specifically the new carriers against themselves. It’ll be interesting to see what happens a year from now and who will be active versus who will have been consolidated (if it happens).

Mobilicity President and CEO Dave Dobbin stated “Mobilicity is thriving and is on track to account for approximately 10 percent of the Canadian wireless industry’s growth in subscribers this quarter with three of our key markets open for only six weeks. We are proud of achieving so much in so short a time period and look to Canadians’ thirst for more affordable mobile phones and plans as a sign to continue chipping away at the high cost of wireless in this country.”

Source: CNW