WIND officially expands coverage to include Whistler, British Columbia


  • Thighzen

    Next up Kitchener-Waterloo! *hopes*

    • sammystripes

      London before Kitchener 😛

  • Jon Campbell

    Are you serious?
    I was there on sunday for the first time in years and I was roaming. But good news anyway.

  • Kevin

    When will Wind officially launch in Toronto,after a year it still sucks and I’m going to Mobilicity.I’m tired of these crooks all they do is lie.

  • chrisk

    If wind wants customers in BC then open up to the fraser valley. I’m sure there are more ppl there then whistler

  • Taylor

    Nice to see more coverage, but they should think about Abbotsford and Victoria first.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    So many holes in the GTA still.. Seriously fix the network, make it solid and then move on. Swiss cheese network is what everyone is calling it. You have to secure your network. Cheap plans with many dropped calls are not going to get you anywhere.

  • Joe

    It’s not really “NEW” coverage. They had it turned on last year for the Olympics.

    • Justin Credible

      During the Olympics there was no WIND tower. It was just a generator truck with a temporary mobile transmitter on it for the games.

  • EJ

    In before JAWG starts his usual Orascom bashing session.

  • jayp_1

    Rocco, how would you know so many holes? You don’t even have service with WIND. Can you girls stop talking out of your a*s?

    I can say that Chatr does not work ANYWHERE in the GTA. Don’t go with them. Dropped calls. No signal. Worst experience and I have never even tried them!

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      jay i think you should know I have a wind phone, had one from day 1 actually so i am able to say safely my 9700 loses calls quite a bit. If you were on the wind forums you would have ready my many requests for help. Mcans tammy vonfunk all tried to help me with the issue and they were also stumped.

  • jayp_1

    Kevin, what areas of Toroto are not working for you? From everyone that I know that uses it in Toronto, they have no issues. Could it be your phone? Are you trying to use it in area that are not covered? To say a statement like that but provide no facts is useless. Anybody can make a comment without backing up facts. Again, I could say that Chatr does not work anywhere in the GTA. How would I know, I don’t. I just thought I would say that. That is going to be my new rant. From now on whenever JAWG, Rocco and all their aliases say anything, I will just say that Chatr does not work in the GTA!

  • Kevin

    I live at Yonge and Lawrence and the service here is awful with Wind,it’s been like that for months and is only getting worse everyday never being fixed.I work in Mississauga and same bloody thing.And it is not my phone or a problem I am causing.My father,mother and sister are all on chatr actually and it works perfect,never any trouble or dropped calls like I have with Wind.You can thumb me down all you want,it’s the same for all my friends and we’re all leaving for Mobi as I want data.When chatr offers data I will use them and all I can say is that the complaints on here are real and I’m 100% sure there are hundreds like me.

  • tbr

    Rocco, I hope the holes are as big as miss bending you over and pounding that hole. Are you still as loose as ever?

  • jayp_1

    Kevin, I work in Mississauga so it has to be your phone or you don’t know how to use a cell phone. I would probably guess that you are a little on the slow side. To get a phone to work, you turn it on. Ok JAWG, I mean Kevin.

  • Bill

    Kevin, where at yonge and lawrence? I live there and it works fine for me. Between my wife and I, we have 2 blackberries. We have no issues. I work at Yonge and Eglington so on a nice day, I walk to work and it works the whole way down. No issues with service. I think you are full of s**t. The great thing about WIND is that you can try out the phone for 2 weeks and then return it if the service does not work. I guess you were too stupid to do that. The big 3 will let you try out a phone if you sign a 3 year contract and pay the ECF when you return a phone.

  • jayp_1

    Kevin, one more thing. Chatr does not work in the GTA! It has never worked for me.

  • Kevin

    Jay,that’s not true,my uncle lives just inside Hamilton and all my family can use their chatr phones there,they never have any problems or dropped calls and you just sound like a troll.And Bill if anyone is stupid it’s you,none of my friends have good service where I live so I doubt everything you say and that’s why we are all leaving,you sound like Jay actually posting with a new name and I’m glad there are some on here telling the truth.I have a good phone and so do all my friends,it’s the company and service and this is the way it’s been from day one.

  • jayp_1

    Kevin, I live in Burlington and I have no issues with WIND. I am happy with my service and paying $40. I should be happy for people like you. You will pay twice as much for service and you will contribute twice as much tax dollars. So thank you for that health care support. We need more suckers I mean people like you that are willing to pay more for the same service. I know you are saying that the service does not work for you but for 200,000 other people, it does and they pay a lot less then what you will pay.

  • jayp_1

    Kevin, ever wonder why it works for other people in Toronto and Hamilton but not you and your family? Could it be a conspiracy? WIND does not like you? 200,000 customers and growing and yet the service does not work for Toronto of all places. I guess they just don’t want you as a customer.

  • Kevin

    Ever considered on taking 101 courses on cell phone use? I think the 200,000 users of Wind can put together some websites so morons with sub standard mentalities like you could benefit.

  • jayp_1

    Kevin, do you work for Rogers? Go luck with that. Your job will be outsourced soon to save them money.

  • JAWG

    I love this moron jay who I know has to be Ragu and all the other 25 different impersonators he does like Kevin now,I mean such a total WIMP to claim he wants to debate and then insults every person who disagrees with him…you’re a worthless stooge with no IQ and trying to prove that Wind is so great.Then when you fail you start swearing and acting like a clown…what a pathetic i***t.You’re just as corrupt as Orascom and one of the reasons they will fail also in time.So,keep making a fool out of yourself and displaying what a real tool you really are…man you are ignorant as they come.

  • jayp_1

    JAWG, wtf are you talking about? I have challenged you to meet me. I will prove that I am me and no one else. I have no reason to impresonate anyone unlike you. You are a worthless piece of s**t. I think someone mentioned your Dad is dead, did he kill himself because of you? If I was your Dad I would. You are an embarrassment to not only your family but to the human race. You are waste of air.

    Keep making a fool out of yourself as WIND chips aways at Rogers subscriber base. Go cry to your boyfriends when you realize that WIND is NEVER leaving Canada. They are here forever. I wish you would live. If you don’t off yourself, I think deportation would be the next best thing. We don’t close minded people like you in Canada.

    • Regulator

      It was his mama jay_p1

  • JAWG

    You are truly sick Ragu!

    • Regulator

      JAWG, for the last time I live in Hamilton. Jay_p1 is in Burlington. Try reading a map sometimes.

  • Regulator

    I just bought some of my family members some WIND phones and they are really happy. Go WIND BUYAKA!

  • JAWG

    Right…Moron…we can believe you!

    And your jay character.pathetic with a mental age of 7 who is ignorant and possibly even insane.Supposedly this reject is in his 40’s and has your style.When he starts losing an argument which is always he resorts to posting garbage and acting like the brain dead midget he really is.Strikes a resemblance to you and just as pathetic.Like I said…you definitely need professional help.

    • Regulator

      I’m not Jay_1p

  • scotia

    I thought this was a cell phone review site not a hate site for a couple of people to insult each other.

  • Mtown

    Ugh j**g, regulator and jayp go make your own website and bicker on it over there, I don’t come on here much but all I see you all bickering like kids. Please argue In person. Probaly see it on the news a fight broke out in Burlington over a cell phone discussion ahahah.

  • Regulator

    @MTown, actually that a great idea!

  • Jay

    1. Why are people blabbing about Toronto? This post is about BC, take it elsewhere please.

    2. It’s ridiculous that WIND is covering outlying areas so far from Vancouver when thousands of potential customers are waiting for service in the Fraser Valley and Victoria. FAR more people travel between Vancouver and say Abbotsford every day than Whistler can even dream of. Just wait until summer when all the WIND customers start complaining of no signal at Cultus Lake…. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

  • JAWG

    Just to let you know!

    Gentleman,I’m not the one with multiple handles or insulting anyone on purpose because I can`t debate,however if something is said I will respond and maybe you should direct your comments to these other individuals who are just plain ignorant/uneducated/mentally unstable/always swearing/making personal attacks…I don;t even go into some threads and they’re in there making derogatory comments.Both Regulator and if it’s not him also jayp_1 are absolutely disturbed individuals full of HATE and nothing else,just spewing garbage and I never direct anything to them as I already know if they did this to me in person they wouldn’t be standing up for long being total weenies…so maybe they should start posting comments that mean something instead of cheap shots that mean nothing and start acting like men instead of losers out for revenge.

  • J

    I have started to notice recently… that I just come on mobilesyrup to see what you funny people have to say including Reg, jay, JAWG, Kevin, ej, Rocco, the lot of you, your all funny as hell, I want to thank you all for making my day, you should all consider stand up comedy!

  • JAWG

    Wind expanding?

  • Moe Arkanhine

    I agree with J, these guys make me laugh non stop. Especially the new impersonators LOOL. Oh and the news of the site is nice too!

  • Brucie

    Regulator took my phones and kicked me out,I caught him in bed with Pablo and jayp_1 and it wasn’t pretty-they are so fat.In any case,it’s ok-they were Wind phones and I couldn’t call out to anyone.Maybe chall will let me use his Rogers phone and hope no one will tell Reggie.Shhhhhhhhhhh.

  • JAWG

    I have a flip phone with speakout that I got at 7/11 on pay as you go and I love it!! and my dream is to work at Rogers Wireless but if not then maybe Bell. Im hoping to work in the call center in India if I can get my passport in time. OH PS I also have a foot fetish and I play with my own poop.

  • jhk515

    I WISH one of these would come to the Maritimes!!!!

  • MARK

    I Was in Willowbrook mall last week and a rep told me that Abbotsford should open in November 2011. I asked another rep from the same store the next day I went to that same mall and they confirmed that it is true.

    I see no official word anywhere on the internet about this yet!

  • Andrew

    I have heard that Wind will extend the service coverage in Whistler before the 2011 Ski season? This is what I heard from a customer service rep.

    I did several speed tests with my Nexus One on Wind and my friends iPhone on Rogers.

    Every time Wind kills Rogers as far as data speed goes.

    So happy with Wind I have two accounts and have never looked back.

    Of course if the coverage is expanded I will be even happier.

    We need coverage in Creekside.

    Or if only we could have a cheap solution for a plug in hotspot for home that would be even better.

    Keep up the good work Wind. We appreciate everything your doing.