TELUS giving a free Xbox 360 with a Windows Phone 7 purchase


  • chicken1977

    i wish i needed a phone with contract just now.

  • Claudiu

    Ok, it sounds tempting. But does it have to be for a 3 year term? Can I get in on a 1 year renewal? 😀

    • Jason

      3 year renewal or new act. only

  • AL

    Wish we could just buy the phone outright and still get the console…

    • Tony

      I did that at the Telus flagship store in Eaton Centre. Went around and sold the Surround on Kijiji for the price I bought it for (which was $450 plus tax) and got myself a free xbox!

      Thank you sales person who didn’t know what she was talking about! I don’t think they were supposed to let me do it on a no-term purchase.

  • David Pylyp

    What about the loyal customers who pay their phone bills and no longer have a contract?

    What will you do for me to stay? I am looking at Virgin and Wind mobile with their flat rate flat fee unlimited text and
    talk packages. Umm They have no system access fees.

    See ya telus

    We will defect one phone at a time; we were looking at Blackberry Torch but not unlimited plans?

    David Pylyp
    Living in Toronto

    • GDub

      I recommend you phone telus, tell them you’re thinking of switching, and see what they’ll do for you. The people at their call center can cut you deals the people at their retail stores/kiosks can’t. Or switch, I’m not loyal to any carrier.

    • dave

      well since you’re on contract, why dont you renew for 3yrs like anyone else who wants a free xbox.

      oh wait, you just want everything for free because you’re loyal?

      have fun at virgin or where ever you decide to land.

  • XER

    3 years from year, Xbox 360 will be ancient!

    • roach_779

      MS just introduced the kinect and they plan to have another 5 year cycle before they start talking the next xbox.

    • J.B.

      Yea, plus if you watched the Spike VGA’s this past Saturday, then you would nkow there were 2 Games announced that are releasing in 2012, and one even in 2013, and all those games will be on PS3 and Xbox 360. So I highly doubt there will be another Xbox or PlayStation even announced until 2012.

    • MH

      So what if the 360 will be ancient in 3 years? It’s still a couple hundred $$ incentive. But feel free to wait for a few years if you like, no one is forcing you to go buy anything.

  • zorxd

    Isn’t the Focus similar to this?

  • Cziggy

    Weird how this doesn’t apply to Manitoba but pretty much all other provinces.

    • TNSF

      Its just a guess, but I think is most likely because MT has lower priced plans already. Maybe this promo would be too costly in MT.

    • krathgaber

      It’s because currently TELUS has no Windows 7 phone’s to sell in Manitoba. Everywhere else TELUS is selling HSPA.

  • EJ

    Interesting promo, I’d rather buy out the xbox for $199 personally – given the recent changes to telus’ policies, this is one of the more tempting contracts to lock into.

  • Terry

    The UK has that. Carphone Warehouse gives either a free PS3, 360, DS or Wii AND a free phone. For just a two year contract.

    Yeah. A free 360 doesn’t sound so nice when people in other countries are getting WAY more eh?

    • HighDefiniasian

      The obvious solution then, Terry, is to move to that other country. All things being equal, this horrendous 3 year deal instead of a 2 year deal is the last straw. Cars are also 30% cheaper to purchase in the States and waaaay more expensive to purchase in the UK.

      Live in a country and deal with the economies within that country. Comparing to other countries is stupid.

  • Me Ted

    I’d rather get the Xbox 360 myself, buy my handset out, go mtm and still come out on top of the poor schmuck locked into a 3 year contract. When are these people going to realize that contracts are going the way of the dodo bird. Not only do you have the the new entrants but you’ve also got manufacturers starting to come out with penta-band phones allowing you to effectively go to any provider (900, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100).

    • GL

      Not unless you live in Quebec. Signing a 3 year contract ain’t so bad naymore. If you want out, just pay the remaining cost of the phone.

    • chall2k5

      and the 360…..that would also be part of the “subsidy”

  • EJ

    In before JAWG blames Orascom for Windows Phone 7 not having copy and paste functionality!

    • chall2k5

      just ignore him

  • ToniCipriani

    Wasn’t this the initial promo when WP7 launched?

  • Gary

    Yes it was it isn’t new.

  • AbsoluteDark

    Meh, who cares. The chances of you winning one is very slim, and you’re stuck with a WP7 which I feel is going to flop.

    • ken

      Its not a draw. Everyone who gets a windows 7 phone on a new activation or renewal gets one automatically shipped to you. No strings attached. If you cancel your contract a year from now, you only pay back the remaining discount on the win 7 phone + a $50 admin fee. Much better than Bell or Rogers.

  • ken

    For Alberta and BC it is a standard 250 gb version because it works with TELUS’ IPTV service. For those of us out east it is the 4 gb version because TELUS does not have IPTV here. TELUS is hoping to get more people signed up with IPTV and thus IPTV I assume would help cover the difference in price.

  • Mathieu

    If they have to bribe people with a game console, how likely is it these people will actually enjoy the said Windows phone. I miss the days when companies would try to get more customers through fair pricing. Now it seems they are always ridiculously overcharging us to the point that a few hundred dollars(aka sign-up gift) isn’t a big loss. This begs the question, if a 3 year contract costs them at least 200$(xbox) plus the phone subsidies (at least 400$ for a decent phone), how much profits are they making to afford a 600$ discount over 3 years (and don’t tell me they are selling at a loss because we all know that isn’t the case).

  • CJ

    This is a really good deal. I mean whats not to love,I can get achievements at home and on your phone!
    I’ve been debating back and forth between a windows phone or another android phone, and I think this settles it. I already got a xbox, but I wouldn’t mind one of the new ones. Just gotta see if i can get the upgrade, my girlfriend got one and we got our phones at the same time.

  • Luka

    “We’re sorry you bought such a bad phone. To compensate, we’ll give you an even crappier device”


    This is why they want to get ride of it. They give free xbox.

    Also nice comment.

  • jonbops

    available to “locations across canada”…except Manitoba! Always “except Manitoba”…*sigh*

  • Tachyon

    This does make sense as the Xbox crowd is the only real target demographic for Windows Phone 7. The p0wnage, playing Halo all night in mom’s basement, crowd.

  • Alex

    Is it the 4gb model or 250?

  • scott

    Telus sent out a press release to news outlets on December 12 about the promotion. hardly a scoop

  • sh0nuff

    Depends on what province you live in that chooses what version you get

  • Jessiethe3rd

    Sorry – the LG Optimus 7 is nothing but lame – it is probably the best Windows Phone out right now outside its screen.

  • Devon Biring

    This sure got my hopes up ….. all though it’s not listed anywhere online, this deal is only available on renewal, if your on the last 6 months of your contract.

    I have 8 months left with Telus and called in today asking about this deal, willing to renew my contract. They said I’m not eligible because I’m not within the 6 month renewal period.

  • Proton

    I just got my windows phone 7 today! I’ve been trying to decide between the 3 major platforms (iOS, Android and Wp7) over my old rusty blackberry. I am quite happy with it and I wish people would at least see the phones before judging it, Microsoft did a damn good job and I hope to see what improvement they might implement in the Jan and Feb updates. The selling point for me over iOS and Android was how practical it was for me, someone who loves having a notepad and reminders in my hand at all times (i have a learning disability). My home screen can give me that easy of access. Not to mention, free xbox! lol

    • Proton

      I also want to note that I know the android has that ability as well, but I didn’t like any of the Android phones at telus (I love the Desire Z).