Rogers intros $35 Unlimited messaging & browsing plan


  • Gussy

    Does anyone know if Telus has announced any plans like this with data?

    • Me Ted

      Has Telus released 3 year contract locking, read the fine print, not really getting anything new bullshit plans? Yes; for quite some time now.

  • Mark Morissette

    Decent plan, but seriously, 3 year contract just to get it? Who do they think they’re kidding??

    • ToniCipriani

      If you read all the fineprint it isn’t exactly that great. It’s clearly designed for those who just read advertisements with a surface value to lock them into the contract.

  • TomatoGuy

    150 minutes, no caller ID and 3 year contract required – GTFO Rogers. I’ve never seen more ignorant company in my life.

    • TomatoGuy

      Also fineprint reads that “BlackBerrys, iPhones and smartphones are not eligible.” So much hype for another useless 3 year plan.

    • Andrew

      Kind of embarrassing watching a flailing monster in its death throes, isn’t it?

      Best look away…

  • Hauer

    No Call Display = Fail

  • Daniel AJ

    Anyone who signs a 3 year plan now should have their mental health checked. Prices are going down and they will continue to do so. 3 years is a looooong time in this industry and even if you get a nice shiny phone for “free” today, you will pay double and triple for it over 3 years. Plus it will be a rather old phone in a year from now anyway.

    So: Don’t.

    • tbr

      Signing any plan just shoots you in the foot.

  • Don

    Three-year contract = It’s not a deal in any way, shape, or form.

  • Andy C

    once you add CID, VM, GRRF and tax this will be over 50/month with no real data plan

  • Cody

    Hurry up Telus, I am getting tired of waiting. I wish I lived in Calgary to switch to Mobilicity or Wind.

  • Lucas

    Why are people bothering with Rogers? I mean I understand if Wind or Mobi isn’t in your area but if you’re in a home zone, its amazing when I have friends who tell me who cool it is to get a “FREE” iphone because they just love it.

    I ask my friends what they pay, They say “Oh $55 a month” I pay $25 for unlimited talk everything (no data) with Wind.

    It’s stupid customers that are keeping rogers alive, believe me.

    • tbr

      I agree Lucas. I think the 3 are catering to those who don’t know about the new entrants. By getting people to sign contracts they try to stop as many from leaving as they can.

    • chrisk

      no data with wind, whats the point. once they get real plans i may sign up

  • Ted

    Big fxxking deal!

  • J

    I wish Mobilicity was in Calgary, not until January unfortunately.

    Robbers can go kiss my a*s

  • JAWG

    How about those former Wind users who left those $25 plans because of poor service/lousy CS/erratic reception in the home zone including dropped calls/static/unnecessary roaming and went back to the Big Three where they could actually use those expensive phones…it’s not all about cheap rates and what is stupid is staying unless your particular is good where you don’t need to travel much.For example Oshawa and Burlingtom are awful and what good is unlimited with the vast amount of problems.Mobi is better now and many would be wise to pick them instead if they want a new entrant also being Canadian.

    • Lucas

      I don’t get it.

    • chall2k5

      just ignore him….he’ll eventually go away……he has already lost his argument months ago

  • Jimmy

    I just looked on the rogers website about this plan. It says not eligible for smartphones?!?!?!?!? WTF

    • ToniCipriani

      Unlimited _Browsing_. Which already implied it works with dumb phones already and no tethering.

      Although technically you could tether with Joikuspot on the Vivaz Pro they show.

  • Michael

    I was paying $70 month and just talked Rogers down to $44 this morning. I get
    300 daytime min
    100 long distance
    unlimited eve n weekends starting at 6
    Voice mail
    call waiting
    unlimited incoming calls
    unlimited text
    500 mb data
    and i think a couple more things i am forgetting.

    I love a market with competition.

    • Ben

      @ Michael,

      Do you need to renew or sign any contract with them?

    • Lucas

      I pay $40 at Wind now with all that included, but get this. UNLIMITED.

  • Jim

    More 3 year crap. Satan aka Robbers strikes again. Only a fool would fall for this!

  • Michael


    No I just re-negotiated what I pay since I had been with them a long time.

  • Wtv

    Unlimited plan for featurephones.

    And you guys still crying about three years plan… put pressure on your government to have a law like Loi 60 in Québec.

    Contracts are not a problem here anymore.

    • fmradio68

      Yep. In Quebec you only pay the remaining amount on the handset susbsidy. So it comes out cheaper to cancel. Will sign up for 3 years with them. Hope their network is good by the time my Telus contract ends.

  • Jim R

    It includes WhoCalled, but not CID? If so, WTF!?!

    Not to mention the contract requirement deal breaker.

  • jeff

    The plan is called My10…
    Did rogers forget to included a top ten in their My10 plan..??
    Stupid name if the plan doesnt have a top 10

  • Chris

    Has to be a three year deal? Where’s the confidence? If Rogers is sooooo good then why would I leave? Show me some trust and then will I return the favour.

  • edmontonhackers

    Rogers will not fail even if the other companines(new ones) offere decent plans cuz rogers know they have network problems and it will take another five years to get better network connection… if you use less than 350 mins a month then why do you need unlimited plan… i don’t get it that ….
    wack and publicity will not last long in the canadian market if they keep continue this

  • MER1978

    No voice mail + BS fee means this plan is more like $45 for 99.99% of people.

    Anyone else tired of plans that are designed to seem cheaper than they really are?

  • Salar


    I am happy with Rogers with I have, Unlimited Local Calling with 1000 Canada Long Distance minutes, Unlimited Text, Call Display and Visual Voicemail, plus 6GB of Data.

    $80 taxes included every month. I feel sorry for any sucker that would pay anything for that POS plan.

    Seriously Rogers, just bend over for once and be the better one out of the rest. Its gonna happen either way, Unlimited Plans are coming, its just a matter of time before someone cracks (Telus?) and makes you look bad.

  • XER

    Rogers, let’s try top understand what the definition of unlimited is! It means there is no restrictions and the consumer can use it any way, anytime, anywhere in Canada he or she wants, no conditions and no recourse.

    150 day time minutes does not sound unlimited to me… Smart phones are excluded is a restriction, 3 years contract is a condition! Let’s try to learn what the word “UNLIMITED” means before pushing out another unlimited plan.

    Thanks for your attentions, Rogers.

  • tbr

    Anyone who sign a contract now is a fool. With the new entrants going strong we will have unlimited from them all by the end of 2011. That is my prediction.

  • Canadude

    Some people just refuse to leave Rogers. Believe me, I’ve been trying. lol

  • JAWG

    I live in Burlington and use WIND so you have NO IDEA what you are talking about again. I will just come right out and say Rogers does not work in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Manitoba and anywhere on the east cost. Seeing as I don’t live in those areas and have not used Rogers in those areas I just make bullshit up. I will talk out of my a*s. I live in the north end of Burlington and I will tell you that Wind works in every part of Burlington that I have been in..from appleby and hwy 5 to mapleview mall and everywhere in between. My brother works downtown Burlington and he has Wind and has zero issues. Again, if you live in Burlington you will have great reception plus Wind customer service is far supperior to Rogers. Go check out the complains that Rogers Customer Service has. It is probably the highest in the history.

    I have a buddy of mine in Milton that has WIND and he has no issues in any place in Milton. I work in Mississauga (Medowvale) and again, no issues.

    The problem with JAWG is he can say what he wants about reception but we know he does not use WIND so what is basing it on. Again, Rogers does not work in 90% of Canada. I should know, I don’t use them.

  • JAWG

    See how confused I am. I contradict myself so much. Where are my med!

  • howi

    I am puzzling because it says…

    “Offer available only to phones, touchphones, and quick messaging devices.
    BlackBerry®, iPhones, and smartphones are not eligible.”

    So Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro is not classified as a “smartphone”?