WIND in 2011: “a lot new Android devices… working really hard” on the BlackBerry PlayBook (Video)

It’s almost been 1-year since Wind Mobile actively began selling their wireless service in Canada – the anniversary date is December 18th. Today I had a quick conversation with Wind Chairman Tony Lacavera and he gave a bit of an insight into what we can expect to see from them in 2011.

Tony stated that “There will be a lot new Android devices coming out… the Android platform is gaining a lot of steam as everyone knows. RIM is coming out with a lot of new and exciting devices. See the PlayBook is going to be an exciting one and we are working really hard on bringing that out. All the big manufacturers are coming out with a lot more handsets that work on our frequency so we’re going to be out there with a lot more handsets in the new year”. Another focus on 2011 will be their unlimited data offering and making customers more aware of it.

Should be an exciting year! Check it out after the break