CWTA: “wireless technologies are not a health risk”

There has been much debate on the health risks of wireless technology. Most recently the Simcoe County School Committee has been going all out guns blazing to rid of Wi-Fi in schools, stating children are experiencing “strange problems as they can’t hold a pencil, they feel faint, they have chronic headaches, and they have developed an erratic heart rate requiring medical attention”.

Today the Standing Committee on Health came out with their report that researched the “negative health impacts of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation emitting devices, such as microwaves and wireless phones”. The Committee stated that “we would like to reiterate that, to date, there has been no credible science linking exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitting devices and adverse health effects”.

The Committee also went on to say that although they found no health risks but there was “significantly contradictory evidence”. This ranged from the recent Interphone Study that found there was a greater chance of developing a type of brain tumour if you used your cell on the same side of your head… to the “biggest gap in studies to date has been the effect of wireless technology on children” and that “the findings from studies on adults cannot be extended to children”.

Probably the best quote was from Bernard Lord, President & CEO of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) who proudly stated “The overwhelming evidence, as determined and published in studies worldwide by the respected scientific community, continues to support the conclusion that there is no public health risk associated with the use of wireless technologies. Government agencies in Canada and around the world responsible for establishing safety standards also support that wireless technologies are not a health risk.”

So there you have it… lots of government research and big words to say you can safely use your device without risks to your health.

Source: Gov’t Link (PDF)
Via: CNW