Mobilicity launches “Multi-Month payment options”

Crikey. ‘Tis a competitive wireless season! Mobilicity has created a massive discount program for those who pay in advance for their plans. This has been dubbed as “Multi-Month payment options”. It’s actually pretty insane and begs the question how are they making money. However, here are the details. When you pay upfront for either 3, 6, 9 or 12 months of service you get a certain percentage discount. Mobilicity states on their site that “The greater your upfront payment, the greater the discount you receive”… the largest is a massive 33% discount.

Pay upfront for 3 months will save you “approximately” 15%; 6 months is 20%; 9 months is 25%; 12 months is 33%. So lets say you opt to do this on the $45 12-month plan for $359.99 and go for the Nexus One at $549.99. The total cost is somewhere around $909.98 (without taxes). The usual price is $1089.99 so you save 180 bucks.

The question is if you can dump the full amount all at once.
Something to consider. Check it out here at Mobilcity