WIND gives everyone 5-minutes of free long distance phone calls (in-store only)


  • darylscool

    that’s NICE

  • TomatoGuy

    Good opportunity to make some prank calls to those Nigerian scammers.

  • Dan

    5 free minutes? Is that a joke?

  • JAWG

    Wow…now this is a great promo!!!!!!!!

  • MXM4K

    I see absolutely nothing bad with this promo. A) It let’s people make a call that would otherwise cost a significant amount, and B) Gets people into their stores.

    Win for the customer, win for Wind.

  • Lance W

    This just tells us how stupid cheap long distance calls cost them on their network.

  • Dabba

    Lets see a robbers store even give you free candy at their stores?

  • JAWG

    Next thing you know, they will offer great voice and data plans. We need to stop these new providers from taking money from the big 3! We can’t allow cheap mobile rates to come into Canada. I am proud of the fact that we have the highest rates in the world. Please Wind, stop trying to steal customers from the big 3. We need to keep the status quo. Fight the change happening people!

  • Terry

    I like that. It’s good when companies let you test out the phones call quality before you actually buy it.

    Course this means that they’ll be people who will try to take advantage of this and ruin it for everyone else eventually.

  • JAWG

    You FAKE JAWGS are fools…so enjoy the jokes/insults/etc.Bottom line…the Newbies are doing very little to produce change and will be a very long time before you see any significant improvement…so until then keep wasting your funds on inferior networks and all their associated problems.
    Thanks for the laughs!!!

  • Sean

    I’m sure like all other wind promos this is not available to current subscribers! LOL

  • JAWG

    Going to use this promo to call up nigeria and get some AIDS oh yea…

  • MXM4K

    To all those imitating JAWG… seriously? Just because he has an opinion you don’t agree with doesn’t mean you need to go out of your way to turn this into the YouTube comment section… nobody wants that.

    If you disagree with a comment, rate it down, and maybe reply with a constructive rebuttal? Is it really that hard people?

  • JAWG

    Pretty gutless…trying to make points using a serious illness.That’s what Windies are and what they represent…LOSERS.It’s amazing how some will sell out for cheap rates…incredible really to think people have such low IQ’s and don’t even have the guts to use their real handles.I’m truly glad you’re on Orascom’s side…that will definitely bring them down in time since you’re being used as pawns with no brains.Keeps getting funnier…enjoy those calls to your God Swasiman and don’t forget to lick his b-a-l-l-s.You morons break me up.

  • JAWG

    Sweeet, i need to call my boyfriend in Nigeria.

  • Luka

    Nice, I’ll call a country that costs a lot per minute then

  • ss123

    JAWG is a complete i***t, talking about other new wireless carriers having inferior networks, have you even tried using something other than WIND you imbecile, maybe the reason mobilicity didnt launch the same time as other new entrants is because they made sure they had a low drop called rate and a well optimized network before they opened the door to customers, something that wind hasn’t obviously done being that they have so many complaints about there signal strength. Go get educated you i***t. Good promo by WIND though!

  • JAWG

    @ss123 aka Regulator:

    Yes I did M-O-R-O-N,I tried Mobilicity months ago and I already stated I will try them again in the near future…in fact Mobi’s launch wasn’t any better considering they started later and while their drop-off rate was slightly better their reception level was just as poor moving on the grid from tower to tower.On top of that their CS was absolutely LOUSY and activation was a mess,so although they may be a bit better now which I shall see soon it’s still all probably due to the Eric…builders (who Wind doesn’t have) “if” the network improved and still that won’t match the Big Three unless things change dramatically.If anyone needs to be educated it’s you D-U-M-B-A-Z-Z and the reason Wind is having so many complaints is because Orascom has a record of building cheap networks for profit.I was in Italy and noticed the same garbage from them.

    As I said before if Mobi changed their attitude/direction/etc they may have a chance to survive and people should support them more being Canadian,however their executives are a joke and instead of sending pink fairies to Rogers HO to demonstrate/starting trivial law-suits that cripple everyone they should compete rather than promoting their product like they were selling KFC chickem…for God sake they are selling their phones in empty Convenience Stores and their staff is brainless.

  • Breaking The WiND

    I find it funny that anytime something positive is posted re: promos, deals a lot of people here just S*!t on it.

    I don’t care for Wind but it’s a good Xmas promo for what it’s worth – they have to do anything they can to get people to try them out –> $1 hot dogs, paper airplanes made out of contracts won’t do that – neither will this…

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Breakie I think people are so negative for the silly promos because they want the calling areas to be fixed. Still dead zones, still calls dropping.. 2 hour limit then you get hung up on. The new definition of infinite/unlimited. Give people something they can use. Like a network that is not patchy. Honestly now. I am in a home zone and my phone roams and wind will shut it off so THEY do not have to foot the bill. How is that fair? Make the next promo the ” We fixed out swiss cheese network ” Promo

  • Regulator


    I am not the FAKE JAWG, I haven’t had a chance to post or read the site until now.

    BTW, does someone piss in your cornflakes every morning?

  • JAWG




    Yeah, spend $10 in gasoline to go to a Wind store for making a free 5 minutes long distance call that you could make at home with Skype for 2 pennies.

    • Alex

      or you could walk, you tit.

  • Dabba

    IAMTHEMAN. Can you show me where Skypes international rates are for 2 pennies? Looks like Jawgs dumbness and low IQ has bit you in the area you enjoy the most.

    • Sam

      You Sir are an i***t. Please be noticed.

  • JAWG

    @Dabba aka Regulator:

    Get a life!

  • TNSF

    Haha! Wind sells mobile phones, but the only way to use the free 5 minutes is to visit their store. Maybe we can all login to Compuserve on a dial-up modem while we’re at the store for a complete retro experience.

  • JAWG

    Of course you’ll only get to use those 5 minutes if you don’t get any dropped calls,if the store is not in a dead spot and you can put up with all the hissing noises while talking to year dear relatives who won’t understand one damn word you say…there is always fine print.

  • mobi

    ha ha free payphone booth..
    rep: hi how are you today..
    cust: good thank you, can i make a call
    rep:sure.. here you go

    cust: bla bla .. calling afganistan.. when will be the bomb ready.. bla bla..

    thank you

    rep: have a good day

  • JAWG

    I hate WIND because i like Rogers and Chatr

  • Nadir

    We have the same deal at Rogers. You can come in at any time and use our phones to make international calls. We won’t limit you to 5 minutes either. Just remember, you will pay the international rate. Unlike Wind, we will have movies playing on our televisions so not only can you spend hours talking to your friends long distance, you can watch new releases that we put on the televisions. If you end up watching the whole movie, we will charge you a rental fee. We have cameras in all stores to keep track of who is doing what. We also will wrap your gifts. We only gift wrap Rogers products and there is a surcharge for doing that. I know, our CSR’s are usually just sitting around and watching movies because we have no customers but this will help me pay the wages. Please come in and get gift wrapping at your nearest Rogers store before I have to close them down.

  • JAWG

    Go to the Promenade Mall in Thornhill where there’s a Rogers and Wind outlet almost right beside each other,in the Rogers one it’s full every day with people buying new phones/services and the Wind one is always empty with 2-3 employees just staring at each other hoping someone will come in…when I want a good laugh I go in and ask technical questions and they all seem like absolute morons with no knowledge of anything.Same thing applies to all the BB’s in the area and the worse one is at Bayview/Highway 7.It’s good to see Mobi destroying Wind…definitely better in every way.

    • Sam

      Really, i work in that mall, that Rogers store is busy but mainly customer complaints and refunds. The disputes are mainly, overcharging billing issues, contract renewal automatically by Rogers.