Video: Videotron’s new flagship store is a thing of beauty

Videotron is more than alive and kicking with their new 3G+ network. They have an ever expanding line up of devices and growing list of “infinite” monthly plans that are keeping the carriers on their toes. In addition, they’ve built an impressive flagship store that’s located at 1192 Sainte-Catherine St. West in Montreal.

Checking out the video it really boosts the Videotron brand as an innovative organization. The entrance is designed with a huge interactive smartphone where you can take a pic or video of yourself and send it to a friend. The entire space is 4,500+ square-feet and showcases all of their offerings from mobile, cable, TV and internet… they even have a lounge. There are a couple cool aspects that I liked. First are the stairs – these have 150 high-definition LED screens embedded into them and light up with one of their services. Second is the addition of the Microsoft Surface. Wind Mobile has this in some of their locations and it makes the mobile experience come alive by checking out the specs and prices.

This is the only store that Videotron will be outfitting with this experience but it shows how much they embrace technology. Videotron customer service is “Almost perfection” but this will help out that much more.

Robert Depatie, President & CEO of Videotron stated “The opening of the new Videotron store is part of our effort to deliver the best possible customer experience, anticipate consumers’ technology and entertainment needs, and set ourselves apart from the competition. As an industry leader, setting up shop at a prestigious address on Canada’s premier shopping street was a natural move for us.”

Check it out after the break