Mobilicity “scheduled system maintenance” starting tonight… “you will only be able to make voice calls”


  • chall2k5

    in other words…..we expanded too quick and didnt add sufficient processing to our network

    • chall2k5

      they didnt learn from Wind

  • Regulator

    @Chall2k5 I mean it could be that, but if they are adding more equipment to make things better, good for them.

  • chall2k5

    people were complaining of bad data speeds before expansion, so thats probly what it is (but why not stagger the cities outages?)

  • Zeake

    WTF is this World of warcraft. Server maintenance???

  • Regulator

    @Zeake, all the voice is transferred over data lines, so yeah, servers, routers, firewalls and protocols.

  • chall2k5

    granted, they should have more than one NOC like Wind does, so when they shut one down, the others can pick up the slack

  • chall2k5

    all new 3.5 and LTE networks will be based on VOIP technology, as it requires less network overhead

  • TCom

    Its not that. Apparently a new Amdocs release to get them ready for their new christmas offers which apparently kick A**

  • Taylor

    That’s fair enough. I’m sure customers appreciate the warning, and it’s only four hours at night. Wasn’t the Telus HSPA network out for several days without notice a few months ago?

  • chall2k5

    Yeah…the Telus HSPA network was having texting issues (blamed on an iphone app) lasting for almost a week back in the summer

  • Mike

    I signed up in Vancouver on the $40.00 SPECIAL.
    Best deal going right now.
    Data is just as fast as the big “3”
    Voice is glitch free compared to WIND’S sudden blast of white noise on a phone call.

  • AKA

    Hey I signed up with Mobilicity and find there network better than Winds for sure. However phoning customer sucks as you stay on hold forever. Anyways, does anyone know when the Motorola Spice coming out? I am hearing different things.

  • JAWG

    Since these are scheduled system maintenance periods with actual times that are listed ahead of time I would trust what Mobi says regardless the reason for it,however my friend who is with them using a BB told me today he noticed a fair amount of improvement in the last few days and it seems like there are a lot less problems with reception in Mississauga and Toronto.I wonder if this applies to other areas and how much improvement is there if any?Results for a Nexus would be nice!

  • tbr

    Watch it people the guys in Vancouver are charging for Sim cards when you buy a phone and sim and they are not supposed to.

    Complain and you will get your money back.

  • JAWG

    Actually,I would like to know through anyone presently using Mobi if you’ve encountered any good outlets in the Toronto area and where they are if I try them again…I found the Highway/Leslie store awful.

    • shakewell

      The folks at the keele and lawrence store were great. Got me set up and told me upfront about their phones and services and what to expect.

    • havok

      if you go downtown to the store on dundas, just east of young, and see drew whos one of their senior sales reps he can help you.

      hes who i have dealt with and hes the one who sold me my blackberry.

  • Zeake

    I’m waiting to try again real soon to. But I will wait it out a bit. I cant wait to ditch Fido again, and hopeful this time it will be for good!

  • mobi

    go to the store at eglinton and dufferin. the guy over there helped me to solve my prolem in few mins which customer service wasnt able to do for last two days..

  • jarr

    wow… this is a big blow. BIG BLOW. AS a service provider… having your service…. … just like.. NOT there…. ?


    very bad for sure. don’t know what this means for them, but can’t see it being a good sign. yikes.

    thanks for the informative post

    • Jesse

      please, last Sept. I had a data and sms shortage with Virgin for almost 12 hours, and I wasnt the only VMC with the outage. Also had many issues with the switch to the new billing system… a four hour shortage over night is not the end of the world. Its cell not landline…

  • chall2k5

    @JAWG…..go to WIND we know you want to 😛

  • JAWG


    You just removed yourself from my Christmas list!

  • Michelle

    I just signed up in Vancouver on the $40 deal. CRAZY deal. I have great reception, no issues with data speeds. The guys from the Blundell/No2Road mobilicity location in Richmond were fantastic.

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy S from T-Mobile, as it runs on the AWS network. I’m loving it. I moved from Virgin which I liked, but NO ONE can beat this $40 deal. And the roaming prices in the US are unbeatable. 30cents a minute. I know FIDO charges $1.50/min. crazy.