Update: Rogers Nokia N8 now available


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  • Luka

    If this phone was an Android I would so have it

  • Andy C

    decent phone for a world traveller with the offline GPS/maps/navigation and the 4 3g bands but everything else is meh

  • Solor1

    Looks like they really want you to go with a 3-year plan since the price drop is so great compared to the 2-year one. I bet it is because they expect plans to drop in price within the next two years so they try to lock people in at the current rate for as long as possible.

    In addition, giving such a big rebate on the device means that the Early Cancellation Fee (ECF) will be $370 even in Quebec where more consumer-friendly regulations was put in place this summer.

    In regard to the device, I’d like to hear if they have Rogers-specific firm(i.e. crap)ware installed. If so, I’d rather get it unlocked in Europe or the US.

    • Duane

      I’d be shocked if they didn’t have their crap firmware on it, which will completely ruin it. I’ve got a Rogers N95 8gb and I’m stuck on firmware v.11 while the rest of the world is on v.35.

      The price is right on a 3 year (probably because they don’t expect it to sell that well) but with such a new OS that is certain to have many updates, it’s basically like buying a crippled device. I’m doing my homework before I get excited about this one.

  • Solor1

    @Andy C
    The N8 supports 5 (five) 3G bands, not four.

    • Andy C

      thanks for pointing that out

      that makes it a better world traveller but the rest is still meh

  • Luke

    I’m the operator of my pocket calculator.

  • JT

    I want the E5 to come to Canada! It’d been out in the US since mid-September and the price is great at $259.99 outright.

    In case people don’t know, E5, is a replacement for E71/E72, so a blackberry like phone at about half the cost…

    • Guillame B

      If you don’t buy on contract, it would make sense, but if you do get your phones on contract, you can get the E72 from Telus. It’s not as if the E5 is better than the E72, it’s just cheaper (and with a bit less of a premium build).

  • Ryan Waddell

    It’s crazy to me that Nokia is still having so much success with Symbian as a platform. I’d be curious to see how much of that success is in North America, as I don’t know ANYBODY who has bought a Nokia phone in the last 3-4 years, or even considered buying one.

  • Jim R

    Looking forward to seeing if:
    1) Rogers disabled the AWS band on the phone to prevent people from using it on Wind and Mobilicity, and
    2) If the phone can be unlocked

  • Guillame B

    Good. Anyone knows if the demonstrators are installed in stores?

  • MasaBasa

    Have had N8 now for two+ weeks. Had some doubts initially because of so much negative feedback before the launch about Symbian and the UE. iAm actually quite happy with it and it keeps surprising. E.g. the radio transmitter is great, browser works fine and no need for any other cameras anymore.

  • blaine50

    I will not consider buying the N8 because the Symbian 3 OS. is not enough of an improvement over the Symbian s60 OS. From all the reviews I have read, Symbian 3 is a much clunkier and less intuitive OS than
    Android or IOS 0r Web OS or the new windows phone 7. Nokia may improve their software with meego but as of now, I much prefer Android. And i still think the personalization options with HTC sense is amazing.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    And yet it will sell very well.. Symbian or not. Windies will flock to get it.. but lets see if the aws band is locked out via hardware or not. Time will tell.. as far as an unlock.. no worries.. mobileincanada has said they will have it. But I have to wonder.. how will this awesome handset work on a sup par network like wind? oh well..

  • GwanStar


    The Rogers N8 works fine on WIND, I can personally confirm this.


  • Jim

    Does anyone know of any web sites that support unlocking the Rogers N8? I’d love to buy it outright from Rogers and use it on Wind.

  • Roger Rabbit

    The link to Rogers doesn’t work.

  • F2j.com

    When I selected the nokia n8 phone, Rogers Crashed. Did anyone else experience this problem?

    • Perry

      I experienced the same system crash. I talked to a representative about it, who told me that he experienced the same thing on his end.

      That’s why I’m going to straight to my store to buy it.

  • Duane

    Perry, did you end up picking up one? If so, what’s your early feedback? Is there a lot of Rogers bloatware?

  • Babo

    Buggy phone. A lot of users regret having the phone. Check the Nokia Discussion Forum for the issues of the phone. I used to be Nokia fan but not anymore since N97.