“By 2011, Northern Tel is going to be 100% HSPA active”

NorthernTel (a division of Bell Aliant) is going HSPA. The investment is costing $4.9 million ($2 million is funded by the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation) and they will be adding 29 cell sites across Northern Ontario communities. Download speeds could reach up to 21 megabites per second and paves the way for LTE (Long Term Evolution). In addition, the new HSPA network will bring data devices such as BlackBerry and give customers the ability to roam internationally. Norma Hughes of NorthernTel stated “We’re basically trying to get everyone up to speed across the North. By 2011, Northern Tel is going to be 100% HSPA active”. Definitely great news for residents/customers in the area.

Source: TimminsPress
(Thanks Shawn!)