Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9800 3-year price increased to $229.99


  • jonh_10

    they are insane.. asking 229 for 3-yr contract for almost a year old hardware specs..

  • Terry

    I’m currently in the UK and you can get virtually every smartphone for free on a two year contract. That includes the torch and any new android you can think of.

    It just shows how pathetic this country is with telecommunications.

  • Matt

    how can it be almost a year old in regards to hardware specs.. wasnt this JUST released last month… based on my retail experience.. they have upped the price now, just so that they can then again around the holiday rush reduce the price to what it was.. and call it a “sale”… its all just a retail gimmick… to get more people to bite later…

    • MXM4K

      You couldn’t be more right Matt. Many stores do this to give the illusion of a deal. Raise the price by $10 for a day or two, then have a sale that gives roughly $10 off the same product.

      Just you watch, Rogers will reduce it in a ‘holiday sales’ event very shortly

    • KC

      The Torch uses the same processor as the bold 9700, released a year ago.

      Which would be fine, considering it gets by just fine with it, but not at this ridiculous price.

    • zorxd

      So if I release a Comodore 64 PC in 2010, will you say that it’s 2010 hardware or 80s’?
      The same apply for the Torch. It has a 2009 CPU, a 2009 resolution, etc. This is a good phone, for 2009. Or a low-end phone for 2010, however not at that price.

  • Ryan Waddell

    Wow. They *really* don’t want to sell any of these phones.

  • kinwolf

    @Matt The 9800 was released last month but it is almost the same hardware as the Bold 9700.

  • Nasir

    I wonder what they are thinking and smoking, they were already charging more than other carriers to begin with and now this. Either their relationship with RIM isnt great, but if I’d be pretty upset. This just makes no sense, and they can have a sale in december but how many clients might they deter that just may leave rogers altogether.

  • kman

    Rogers yield maximization strategy Q4 2010
    1. Arbitrarily increase HUP timelines
    2. Revert back to original HUP timelines due to angry customers
    3. Increase prices instead
    4. PROFIT!

  • sookster54

    I don’t understand why they’d push the price UP, maybe they aren’t selling enough of them? And yes the specs are a bit date, some Blackberries from 1-2 years ago were shipped with 624MHz CPU and/or 512MB ram.

  • Keith

    Pretty sure, they gonna drop it back to 199$ on holidays fool people

  • hunkyleepickle

    this is a good thing, if it drives down sales of this product. this thing was DOA from day one, out of date specs, broken touch interface, and now even more overpriced. RIM continues to lose its foothold in the market……

  • Rogerswind

    8gb torch for $229.99 or 16gb iphone 4 for $159.99… RIM has noone else to blame but themselves when they go bankrupt

    • KC

      The torch is not focused on competing against the iPhone.

    • Wtv

      Err… I talked with a dude that represents Blackberry in shops and everything and he told me this :” Our main competitor is the iPhone. Not Android, not anything else, it’s the iPhone. That’s why we’re trying to attract developers so we have more apps. We want to keep our business fortress intact. ”

  • Jason

    It’s simple eligible for the $50 HUP credit which brings it down to $179.99. The price everyone else is selling it at.

  • Piper975

    typical Rogers, Amazon Wireless is offering it for FREE !!!

  • mario83

    thats not good, my friend was planning to get this in december when he is elgible for an upgrade of his bold 9000, at that price (if it sticks) he wont be pleased!(he already thinks 199 is high!)

  • Kieran

    It’s still 179 at futureshop, I checked today.

  • ErikN

    Lol! I don’t know if you guys see it or not but there is a BB Torch ad in the sidebar, for ATT….for $99! Just so ironic.
    I feel bad for RIM, I was all for them before until the whole OS6 stunt and abandoning their new phones for a ‘refreshed’ versions, less than a year later.In comparison, the iphone 3G has been supported since 2008, Android phones, the old ones can still do 2.1/2.2.

  • brian

    No need to be bitter, the market shall dictate.

  • Androidvirgin

    Bad Rogers, bad.. lol

    See I’ve had almost every blackberry to date, but after awhile the low ends specs, resolutions and low ram with daily battery pulls just didn’t do it for me anymore. So I left my bb storm 1 and 2 for Android, Samsung Captivate and I haven’t looked back.

    • David Dee

      How are you coping without the physical keyboard? That appears to be a challenge coming from BB?

  • Xperienc3

    i have a feeling the price increase is done so they could introduce the Bold 9780 at the $199 price point, thus keeping the torch as the flagship bb device.

  • Regulator

    This isn’t rogers fault its the corporate jawgs at rogers. “Look let’s bend over canadians with a canadian phone”

  • Wtv

    Actually, it’s now 179…

  • Rogerswind

    rogers wants to sell more 9780 so they increase the torch’s price that’s all. I was thinking about torch or 9780 and as soon as i seen the price go up my mind was made 9780. And as soon as that happened i realized it’s rogers dictating our upgrades, they want a strong launch for the 9780.

  • Jerry

    I guess you all missed the point, they are throwing in a bluetooth headset for free with the $229 price. ( Except it’s not really free ) they just put it into the price of the phone.

  • Jerry

    I have to agree on some of the comments about the hardware above, this phone should be $99 not $229. The iphone 4 is $159 for same 3 yr contract.

  • West Coast

    Not only is AT&T $99.99 for a TWO year term, but you we get a choice of red, white, or black. What is Rogers THINKING???

  • Keith

    So funny, since AT&T just dropped the no contract price for their Torch to $499.99 today!

  • Peter T

    Considering the tiny buying power of Rogers in Canada versus the huge buying power of carriers like at&t or vodaphone overseas.. one might imagine that they just didnt buy enough to get the bulk discount.. lol More likely they just need to guarantee a larger payback towards hardware costs in anticipation of “unlimited plan” transition in the market..

    I heard Vodaphone buys more phones in a week from Nokia alone, than Rogers buys in a whole year from anyone..

    AT&T has 100 million subscribers.. thats three times the population of ALL of Canada..

    Rogers has a measley 4.6 million subscribers.. but still has to span the entire continent of North America with towers to provide a coast to coast network..

    Any first year economics student could show you how these businesses are not even operating in the same ball park.. so we probably shouldn’t bother comparing them.. lol

  • Rakesh

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