Bell: HTC Desire Z is available tomorrow


  • Chris P

    I am first in line tom.

  • pr0cs

    Hopefully some local stores will have units to play with/try because the hinge in some early reviews is a hit or miss.

  • hihat

    Will Bell sell this to a non-Bell customer for the no contract price?

    I want to get it unlocked and use it on AT&T in the US and I’ll be in Vancouver on Saturday if they have any left.

    • zorxd

      You might have to work hard to get it.
      A Futureshop and a Bell store refused to sell me a Galaxy S for $500. However I was able to get one somewhere else.

    • Labrat

      Never had a problem personally, no experience with Bell, only TELUS.

      Tell them you are buying it for a friend who has a contract with Bell. Then run to the nearest computer and buy and unlock code!

      Good luck, nice phone!

  • Matt

    499.95 no-contract

  • Jim R

    Bell requires you to have some kind of plan (even just MTM) to buy a (smart?)phone outright, no?

    • Chair&Table.

      I asked Bell a few days ago and they said that in order to get the $370 off from the 3 year plan, it has to be a data plan. A 3 year minutes plan gets you less than $100 off, which pretty much defeats any incentive to do that. If only Bell had a more competitive data plans…

  • sylvain martel

    While many expect a supply problem, I was told from the Bell store last friday that they had no reservation yet and that I was the first to ask about that phone. So I don’t expect any lineup tomorrow. That’s good cause I won’t be able to get there until lunch break 😛

  • Bob

    In Ottawa, I’ve called 4 independent stores, three Futureshop stores, and 5 Bell stores.

    No one has the Desire Z in stock for tomorrow’s launch.

    I also called Bell today (Nov 2nd), and no one had any idea about the launch tomorrow.

    So, I have no idea wtf is up.

    • rzz

      First guy I talked to last week at the main Bell store here in Vancouver more or less confirmed it was coming on the 3rd, but seemed to think it stock was going to be pretty limited and it was going to be a “line up first thing if you really want one” sort of situation. Called their toll free number today after I received the email confirming it was launching tomorrow, and I’m not sure the guy I spoke to even had any idea what phone I was talking about.

  • John

    getting this tomorrow 🙂

  • Daniel

    I’m interested in getting this phone but I’m concerned because it’s an HTC. I have owned the Legend, and experienced countless problems with it. The device kept over heating and restarting at least once a day. I did a quick Google search and found that the problem was with later released phones as well such as the Desire and Evo. The phone looks nice, but HTC has recently, to my knowledge, been un-reliable with the devices created.

  • Bfalcon

    I’m getting it! My plan is to unlock it however-not quite digging the bell options

  • Ronny

    Cool new Android, nice that there’s the option of both touch and physical keyboard

  • Peter

    me. Can’t wait. I shopped hard and this seems to be the one to replace my iphone 2G.

  • TheCyberKnight

    What? This the fastest phone?
    Maybe for typing.

    • Kieran

      It’s the first HSPA+ device in Canada, as far as I’m aware.

      It is also faster in benchmarks, although not by a huge amount.

    • TheCyberKnight

      Oh. I see. I does make some sens for data transfers.
      The GPU also seems to be quite powerful. Impressive.

  • John

    you can buy out the phone from bell but you need to sign for AT LEAST 1 month… after that you can cancel.

    so in total you’ll be spending $499 for the phone, plus ~$30 for 1 month.

    • Kieran

      more like 50 for the basic data+phone plan, and $35 for activation

  • Dave Dee

    I spent some time in a Bell store today and all was explained to me as follows:

    1. They had a dummy phone with a hinge that worked perfectly well. Shook it and played around for a while.

    2. For their launches phones are shipped the day of. Those of you planning on being there for the opening will be out of luck until the courier arrives.

    3. Although us enthusiasts adore and recognize this amazing phone, we sometimes need to be reminded we represent a tiny portion of the market. I asked about interest and they said not one call or inquiry compared to multiple daily calls / visits on the iphone 4. Hopefully this indicates getting the phone will not be a problem.

    4. I am purchasing and hope to use on Rogers when unlocking codes are available. Price for this be as follows:
    Non-contract price will be $499.99
    Activation fee: $35
    One month of phone at lowest price: $30 (needs to be activated on store, but can activate 30 day cancellation notice same day).
    Sim Card Fee: $5

    5. Finally, if you know someone on Bell, you can activate on their account for only $20 additional (vs. $70 above), then return sim card to their phone when you leave.

    Maybe Futureshop or Bestbuy will not force activation if they have non-contract price available?

    • Fish

      Hey Dave, can you please clarify this:

      “if you know someone on Bell, you can activate on their account for only $20 additional (vs. $70 above), then return sim card to their phone when you leave.”

      You mean getting a Bell customer to buy the phone for you and put it under their name?

      I assume they’d have to be present with their account info and everything, or can you just borrow their sim?

      Can they not just buy it then give the phone to you for you to unlock and use your own sim from your own carrier???


  • Dread

    I have one on hold. GREAT PRICING!!! I plan to go month to month although the Bell rep says they got some special plans they are going to try to lock me into. If its a crazy sick plan, then I just may do it.

    Also, hearing that people are still calling about the iPhone over this. UNBELIEVABLE

    • rzz

      If there is one thing Apple excels at, it’s marketing to their target audience and building up interest before a big launch. HTC and Bell have both been virtually silent about this phone so far as near as I can tell, other than a bit of online marketing mere days before the launch, so it’s not that surprising to me that only us folks who follow sites like mobilesyrup are awaiting it.

  • David

    Just curious, how can it be the fastest smartphone ever when it only has 800MHz processor? or is it talking about the internet speed?

    • Kieran

      The 800Mhz processor is built on a smaller fab process and is more efficient. It is beating the 1Ghz processor found in the galaxy S.

    • TheCyberKnight

      The GPU is also very impressive compared to the previous Snapdragons. Almost twice the performance.

  • Brett

    Can this phone stream 720P mkv movie files via DLNA???

  • MER1978

    Where does Bell get off forcing you to pay for a month of service with them + an activation fee if you just want to buy the damn thing and unlock it for another provider… sorry but that’s just BULLSHIT.

    • Kieran

      It’s because they have an exclusive.

  • MER1978

    I mean how can they say “no term”… and then force you to sign up for a “one month term” essentially ???

  • daniel


  • ddd


  • Jim R

    Rogers does something similar but different. There’s a MTM price and there’s a “no term” price, which seems to always be $50 more than the MTM price.

    Really, really wish we could just buy direct from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, only Nokia seems to do that in N.A., and even then, only in the US. And, of course, Nokia doesn’t make Android phones. Sigh.

  • Jay

    Bell has a “30 Day Purchase Price” for devices. Whenever you set up an account and activate with a monthly plan, and then cancel, you are generally billed until the next billing cycle for your service, hence being charged the month of service fees, whether you signed a contract or not. In my experience this is the case for Rogers and Telus as well. The easiest way to avoid those charges would be to activate it on a prepaid account by paying the SRP or 30 day purchase price for the phone. You arent billed and the account will cancel itself after a few months. Then unlock and take it wherever you want.

    • David Dee

      Unfortunately monthly activation is required to purchase this phone on no contract basis. They will not activate on prepaid. I asked in a store today.

    • Jay

      Thats only because the stores want to save their activations for smartphone contract plans. They get paid more for contracts over prepaid. Theres nowhere anywhere that says they cant sell you the device on prepaid, its just the store and their staffs arrogance and greediness that they wont do it.

  • LTE

    @ Brett

    -yes on DLNA and 720p, unsure on ‘mkv’ format…

    @ Bob

    -suprised the Ottawa stores didn’t have. I phoned 3 Bell mall dealers in Vancouver and all 3 reported they allready have the Desire Z in stock on hand for launch tommorow.

  • majid

    I like to try it before spending money on it. Everything seems fine on paper except the 800Mhz processor.
    I am already sold on Android. I am just deciding between HTC Desire Z (i.e., bell), and Samsung Captivate (Rogers). I wish Fido had a decent android phone.

  • Dan

    phone releases are less exciting, there are too many releases every month. apple releases 1 a year, htc releases 5 billion and so does every other company, it just makes apples devices seem superior because they put all their effort into 1 device rather than divide it into 5 billion

  • Chris Miller

    I phoned a bunch of stores today before I got the email. No one knew anything about it.

    I called the stores after I got the email and all of sudden they had info on it! 🙂

    No stores I called admitted to having stock, but one store offered to call me as soon as they are shipped.

    I’ll find one to buy tomorrow, I don’t care where I have to drive!

  • MER1978

    I really want this phone… but I was barely able to convince myself to spend $500 + unlocking fee + taxes… now that it sounds more like $500 + $35 activation + $20 approx to unlock for Rogers + what another $30 for a month of service… $585 + taxes… maybe I should just get myself a Legend + eventually this level of device will be a more reasonable $350.

  • Nick

    This phone looks great but I’m going to wait to hear some real world experiences with this phone. My iphone 4 will have to do for now…

    My biggest concern is software updates as we all know this is an issue with android phones especially ones with a custom UI like Sense.

  • Skought

    I dropped by a Bell store today (Nov 3rd) and they told me the launch has been pushed back to the 9th. Did anyone else experience this?

  • dark_hado

    So I went to two bell stores today. Neither one has it in stock yet. Supposed to come in the afternoon. Lets see what happens.

  • Christine

    Where was my email? I signed up at Bell and never heard a peep! And no – it’s not in the spam filter! Good thing I looked it up today.

  • BlueMonday

    I went to 2 Bell stores and to 2 Best Buys and none of them had them in stock. And they didn’t know when they would be getting it. Although it seems like you can order it from the Bell website. I still want to trying it out IRL before buying it though. Don’t want to spend that amount of money without first holding it in my hands.

  • Stephanie

    I saw on you tube, phones fall 2010 and spring 2011 phones,was the hero 2.

  • BlueBomber

    Poor luck you guys! I got 12 in at my store for launch morning, ripped one right out of the box and had a go with it!

    Awesome phone.

    Hinge feels solid. There is no heavy thunk, so i think we’re safe (I owned a dream, and I flipped this thing open and closed A LOT.)

    FAST. 1800ish quadrant fresh out of box.

    Yes, it can be sold outright (atleast for now.) WITHOUT month to month sign up. May not last long, depending on stock.

  • carlos dudas

    got mine from the source in bentwood mall (burnaby)

    the salesman didn’t charge me the activation and no plan required, he put me on a twenty dollar one month “pay go” plan but didn’t charge me.

    so all in, $459.94 (499.95 * 1.12 for HST) + $39.99 for unlock code ( = $599.93