Dell Streak dummy devices find their way to Rogers… launching soon


  • hunkyleepickle

    1.6??? are you quite serious rogers? Even 2.1 is imminently going to be old hat. Try again big red.

  • Jason

    dude, Rogers isn’t making the phone, chill out. Why not ask Dell why they aren’t launching with 2.1?

    Love all the MobileSyrup whiners who never put any blame on the people who make the damn devices.

    • m1lk

      @ Jason & pickle
      Hmm I agree with both of you.

      Dell should have made it with 2.1 or higher but Rogers should do something like an update for it.

      Rogers may just be the carrier launching it but they should still be accountable for some things. After all, they’re allowing this phone to launch on their network. This means they SHOULD be providing their customers with the BEST devices with the BEST support and experiences.

      That said, I emphasize the word SHOULD. (I apologize if anyone, including you two gentlemen, is offended by my use of capitalization. I was only using the CAPS as a means of emphasis as I am unable to use italics)

    • zorxd

      Well Rogers still chose this phone over, let say, the Desire HD wich would have been a much better choice for the end of 2010.

  • Colin

    Price and software all land on DELL not Rogers. Kudos to DELL/Rogers for getting a Canadian carrier picking this up but DELL is dropping the ball on the price and software, its pathetic. Its going to be at least $550 MTM btw.

  • brian lee

    I thought that 2.2 was getting released for this by yr end?

    I’d pay $199 for 1.6. On a 2 yr. Contract. I’ll believe the android update when it happens. This thing deserves 2.2!

    • Cory

      Why wait for Dell to release 2.2 when you can get Vanilla Froyo on your Streak now… Dj_steve on the modaco forums already has a great version of 2.2 for the streak.

  • Cory

    I paid $520 for my at&t Streak. I called at&t support and got the unlock code. Been using it on Rogers and loving it ever since.

    I hate using phones with smaller screens now. Makes me wonder if I could go bigger… Galaxy Tab anyone? 🙂

  • rzz

    Not a bad device all in all, although it’s a shame the CPU is a first gen snapdragon and thus the GPU is pretty much terrible, and I don’t know wtf Dell is thinking launching a device like this with 1.6 even if 2.1 is “coming soon”. It was bad when Sony did it 6 months ago with the Xperia X10, but this is just ridiculous. HTC and Bell are already launching the Desire Z with 2.2 on the 3rd…Rogers is launching the Streak with yet another loose timeline, who knows when 2.1 will arrive, much less when or if 2.2 ever will..

    • m1lk


      hmm I’m not sure if I agree with your statement regarding the first gen snapdragon. This is mainly because I’m ignorant to it as I’ve not experienced phones with it. So if you have any experience or reviews from other sites that support your claim I’d be very interested in knowing which phones to steer clear from.

      That said, I do agree with your observation with HTC & Bell releasing the Desire Z with 2.2 on board such that it appears like the stronger release.

      In regards to your speculation with Robbers releasing 2.1 / 2.2/ and any android firmware updates, I do believe that what your saying is just pure speculation. HOWEVER, it is well founded/supported such that the track record of Robbers is very poor. Specifically, they haven’t updated many of their devices with more recent OS.

      Therefore whether the high correlation between the lack of firmware updates and their phones results in a direct causality in their future updates on their phones cannot really be made. But the high correlation/pattern is there. Therefore, I wouldn’t disregard that possibility.

  • m1lk

    Good luck holding this up to your ear =S

  • Stuart

    Is it just me or does this phone look rediculously huge! Also, if I can expect the same “Dell quality” that I have with my Dell laptop, I won’t pay a cent for this garbage!

    • rzz

      It’s definitely way too big to be my “all day every day” phone, but for some people maybe it’s fine. Personally I think 4″ is the upper limit for a convenient smartphone, and the sweet spot for most people is more like 3.5-3.7″ You’d definitely want to use an earpiece full time rather than hold this up to your ear I imagine.

  • Jim

    Wow! I just bought one of these and it has surpassed all of my expectations. I use it on my wifi at home (to save on AT&T data usage). It has actual 16:9 or 16:10 widescreen aspect ration. videos rock on this thing. Unbelievably cool full facebook app.

    Took it into the AT&T store to get my contacts from my old phone transferred over and people were ready to trade their iPhones.

    I thought the calling would be awkward, but it’s not. I think the phone being thin makes up for the width. I am going to use my bluetooth headset with it, though.

    I downloaded a different keyboard because the native keys are too small for my hands. Great text prediction.

    Webpages can zoom in and out with touch and the thing does books great!

  • alan

    This looks awesome! Its exactly what most people in the IT industry have been waiting for, for years! Finally a device that is big enough to actually do some proper work on, such as remoting in to a server and it doubles as a phone with camera etc. 5″ screen is the sweet spot in the market, a cross over from phone to pad. Great idea. What more could you ask for?

  • RandyNewbie

    I have been using the AT&T Streak on Rogers for about a week now. I rooted and installed the 1.6 O2 ROM, upgraded to the 2.1 O2 ROM, and then installed DJ_Steve’s 2.2 ROM. Very impressive.

    I am able to sync (push e-mail) with corp. e-maail/calendar (Exchange) using Touchdown. The screen size makes reading and replying to e-mail a breeze.

    I have been able to get 1 to 1 1/2 days of battery use (25 – 35 e-mails, 15 – 25 G-mail’s, a few IM (mainly GTalk, 40 – 55 mins of voice calls over bluetooth, a few YouTube clips and moderate web surfing). Using VNC to remote to my desktop is now a pleasant experience. Not bad at all IMHO.

    The device is big, having a bluetooth headset is a must (I have yet to make/receive a call by holding the device to my ear).

    As other have stated, the device is definately not for everyone given the size.

  • sookster54

    That’s not a phone, that’s a fricking tablet! I’d feel stupid holding something that big to the side of my head.

    I’d buy one just to use as a mini-tablet if the price wasn’t that high since it’s still running 1.6.

  • Lazar

    Well the info on version is incorrect. It is going to be 1.6 now but Dell stopped making 2.1 for streak so they can focus on 2.2 (froyo). So it will come out on 1.6 and Over-the-air update to 2.2 will be available by the end of the year (or so they say so 🙂