Video demo: Syfire 2.0 for the iPhone (“No Flash, No Problem”)

The Skyfire Mobile Browser 2.0 for iPhone was submitted to the app to the App Store on September 1st (coming up on 2 months now). They stated in recent video demo that they’ve been working closely with Apple to get it approved. In the video after the break you can check out how the mobile browser will look on your iPhone as one of the features is that it takes flash videos and converts them to HTML5, or in Skyfire terms “No Flash, No Problem”. The browsing experience looks decent and comes with cool features that gives you the ability to search within a web page for related items, or search Facebook. Plus they’ve added the ability to share via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. It also seems Skyfire is a big fan of Facebook as they’ve incorporated what they are calling “Facebook Quickview” that takes you immediately to your Facebook page and checks for updates.

Hopefully it’ll be approved soon. Check out the video after the break

Source: Facebook
Via: YouTube