Sony Ericsson Facebook Fans vote the Xperia X10 as favourite handset


  • Chris

    That’s because it’s their only “good” android phone. SE is still a fail though, everyone is coming out with 2.2 and they haven’t released their 2.1 update yet!

    • John Frankil

      Hardware is good but SE policy to update the software is DISASTROUS!

  • theninjasquad

    Not not sure why this is news… you’re reporting on a biased poll.

  • Jeff

    ya its pretty sad when my rogers magic already is running 2.1 and this bad boy isnt…

  • Mike V

    Hmm, Sony page with poll of favourite handsets. I wonder who would visit that site?


  • Richard

    ….and in other news, people who eat ice cream say they like to eat ice cream.

    Really?? It must be a slow news day…

  • Ryan Waddell

    I imagine the voting options in the poll looked like this:

    “What is your favourite phone?”
    * Sony Xperia X10
    * Sony Xperia X10 mini
    * Sony Vivaz
    * A kick in the nuts

    I think I would have voted for the kick in the nuts. 🙂

  • John

    It’s not surprising that the members of the Sony Ericsson fan page prefer their phones to others.. :p

  • BigC_13

    How do they expect to become the global number one handset provider for android when they can’t even ship a phone with a relevant version of the OS?

  • firefight16

    Frick that’s funny Sony’s going to use that in their next ad X10 number one android phone! IN THEIR OWN MINDS! Sony is so out of touch in the mobile market

  • sookster54

    Bias much? 😉

  • IPhone droid

    WTF and in other news a comic book web site had a poll to see if people read comics. Com on Sony you need to figure out that the x10 is a peice of s**t

  • ansar

    I think that everybody who voted is from sony only. I just saw this and i think if people have to vote they will vote x 10 as the worst phone!!!

  • ansar

    They should call people who are using X10 then only they will come to know the real fact about the phone.

  • Phox

    The poll was for sony ericsson phones… did you not read that in the head line?