Apple Q4 results: 14.1 million iPhones sold


  • Thomas

    Just more proof that people will buy overpriced items…..even if they lag behind the cheaper competition.

    Image is powerful to many.

  • Dustin

    no Antennagate here! love my iPhone 4 <3

  • BlaBlaBla

    Just got an iPhone 4 over the weekend and hate the damn thing

  • RudioX

    iPhone 5 must have a bigger screen like 4 inch…and be able to play any movie format like: avi, DivX and mkv!

  • DrewNL

    Ian, you are aware that Q4 2010 just started right?

  • DrewNL

    Ah, it’s FISCAL Q4. Might want to add that.

  • thekardigankid

    This site is full of Phandroids.

  • sookster54

    How long has Q4 been now? 14.4 million in two weeks?

  • Jason

    Don’t you mean Q3? Q4 just started, no?

    • Mark

      No. Apple’s fiscal year end is September, so its 4th quarter just ended.

  • Jehu

    Just goes to show how stupid people are…if that i***t made a phone that couldn’t make phone calls people would still buy it thinking one day it will. Now he saying we pass RIM so now everyone will rush to iphone. Sorry don’t need a company telling me not to unlock my phone or lock it back after I unlock it…no other phone company does this but yet i***t still buy them.
    Apple will tell you which apps are good for you…they have a word for this communist.
    300000 apps divided by 6 of the same apps equal 50000.
    I give that guy credit he knows how to fool people…job well done Steve.

  • Jordan Richardson

    I’m still stunned that these tech companies even have “fans” to begin with. Whatever happened to being a fan of a sports team or something? This obsessive love for products is really getting ridiculous.

  • Thomas

    Though many of your valued opinions about Steve Jobs/Apple are correct, you cannot deny the fact that 14.1 million iPhones just sold in one fiscal quarter. Everyone is going to choose their phone, and just because everyone else doesn’t agree with you, you don’t need to go having an anonymous hissy fit on internet forums and comment sections. J**********t people, this was just an article stating the facts!

    • sookster54

      Perhaps Apple are selling a ton of iPhone 4 because of their marketing strategy, this reminds me of the Nintendo ad spamming back in the 80’s when the NES first came out, kids were all “I must have one, I want one!” while Sega failed at their advertising and their Sega System was better overall than the NES and they even released the 16 bit Genesist 4 years before Nintendo got their SNES out yet the NES outsold Sega on both their systems.

      Marketing… that’s what get these sales, and now Jobs is trying to get into your head telling you that Blackberry and Android are liars and sucks.

  • TGN

    “We still have a few surprises left for the remainder of this calendar year.”

    So whats comming out now? iPad 2 with a slightly slimmer form-factor? or maybe its a iPhone 5 with a 4 inch screen?

    Here’s a piece of advice, fix the issues with the iPhone 4. Fix anntennagate and glassgate from production rather than rolling out more half-a*s products.