Sony shows off new 16.41 megapixel phone sensor


  • chall2k5

    OMG 16 megapixel *drool*

  • Cole mackenzie

    Just a “little” overboard sony?

  • Jordan

    Family Guy ruined the idea of full HD for me.

  • Cadet

    as long as my hands are not shaking.. then the lower resolution would fit my everyday needs… coz i’m not a pro in photography D=

  • mikey

    Rofl, seems like ill be buying my new phone from the US again. Can’t wait, I’m drooling in the suspense.

  • davidm

    How about some comments on quality. We all know megapixels aren’t everything.

  • Chelsea

    Ooohh!! I want!! lol

  • NiKo

    probably going to attach it to a phone with android 1.6

  • C Falco

    You’re right–pixels and picture quality don’t necessarily equate. I have the SE Naite(J105)(2.0pix) and the T715(3.2pix). Also, my 3yr old Z550(1.3pix). I have looked at others, but nothing compares to SE. Also, SE has the easiest and most flexable, logical operation–very important in these green days of instruction manuals with limited to non-existant detail. (I can figure how to install battery, but what does the device do and how? On- line manuals aren’t much more useful.) Some phones won’t even let you zoom when using video. I would say if you want top overall quality, especially the camera, stick with Sony Ericsson–and Fido.

  • aj