Bell attempts to sell “refreshed” iPhone 3G by offering bonus Apple dock


  • Sébastien Brassard

    tempting ?? HELL NOOO!

  • Cybik

    I’d take one… At 10$, with the dock, and without a contract.

    And I’d shove openiBoot and Android on the thing.


  • Adi

    No. Just NO. It’s a 3 year old phone !!! One would have to be out his/her mind to even consider signing a contract for this thing.


  • Rob Brown

    $350 without a 3 year contract.Waste of ad space in my opinion.

    450 for the refurb GS. How dumb does bell have to get before they understand why people dont like them

  • zorxd

    They should sell it for $50 without a contract instead.

  • schultzter

    They’re $10 with a 3-year contract; $350 no-contract!!! You can get a brand new phone from a current line-up for less than that!

  • yha

    even $10 without contract is a maybe for me!

  • MyLiveSpot

    Dear Bell, please do not insult us with such offers! A piece of $hit with a cherry on top is still a piece of $hit!

    Piece of $hit = Old Outdated Phone with 3 year contract
    Cherry on Top = Apple Dock

  • TomatoGuy

    Must be really slow day for MobileSyrup today. This offer from Bell is super bad and for sure doesn’t deserve any media attention.

  • Ivan

    Maybe for a basic plan, but $50 data, I don’t think so.

  • Jon

    Bell is the worst company I have ever self with. Their phone agents are all frog i****s and I will never deal with them.

  • Jon

    Dealt with**