webOS 2.0 beta screenshots pop up online


  • Harry

    too bad no one cares about palm anymore……

  • Rich

    If they launch this supposed upcoming widescreen phone I will buy it in a heartbeat.

    I’ve tried every OS so far except webOS. I just steered clear from the Pre because of its many hardware faults. The Pixi is evidently a very good phone though, but not powerful enough for most true smartphone users.

    • frank yu

      um where did you get wide-screen phone from? the those are 6 different screen shots from what i understand. unless you were talking about turning the phone sideways to landscape mode 0.0

  • Patrick

    Palm’s problem with the Pre/Pixi was that they couldn’t afford to put in powerful enough equipment to power WebOS. WebOS is an incredibly designed and thought-out operating system that works great, it just needs a phone with a little more “oomph” in it. Hopefully with HP being able to help them out financially they can put out a phone (Or hopefully even a tablet) that will run the OS better.