Google Maps for Mobile passes the 100 million users per month mark


  • Tom

    In some ways, it is almost too powerful, and this probably makes it overwhelming for some users.

    I find where I want to go using Google Maps on my PC, I star the result, I then use it in my car to check traffic conditions, and then to navigate to the place that I previously starred. Not to mention the buzzes, the Wikipedia layer, and latitude which I don’t use as much.

    It’s an incredible bit of engineering.

  • anonymouse

    The only reason there are that many android activations is because a lot of android users are re-installing or re-activating their phones. I, myself, must have re-installed and/or re-activated my android phone easily many dozens of times over the last 3-4 months because I’ve rooted it and have been trying different ROMs.

  • Marcus

    anonymouse, I’d guess that activations means activations with carriers.